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25 Amazing iPhone Facts

iPhone doesn’t need introductions. It is among the most well-known smartphones made and sold by Apple. There is much astonishing information regarding the iPhone that you may not have a clue about. Explore more iPhone facts here!

If you’re an iPhone user or not, these details could be fascinating to you. In this post, we’ll be sharing 25 interesting details about iPhone.

iPhone has brought about some significant innovations in the way we utilize our phones in the present. So, if you’re trying to find some information on the iPhone, this is the right article for you. Now, let’s move on to the top portion…

25 Lesser-known iPhone Facts

1 The Origin of iPhone:

information about the iPhone
In the beginning, the iPhone wasn’t meant to be a smartphone. Steve Jobs told his engineers to investigate the concept of tablet computers and touchscreens. Since there weren’t any touchscreen gadgets available at the time. The engineers later came with a prototype for Steve Jobs of their touchscreen tablet.

But he was impressed by design and advised engineers to create the smartphone instead. Since at the moment, there were not tablets on the market or even Steve Jobs thought that a brand new device could not succeed. Later, however they created the iPad.

2 The Announce of iPhone

First iPhone was launched worldwide via Steve Jobs. On January 9, 2007, he announced the iPhone’s debut on the streets of San Francisco, California. He stated that “Today, Apple is going to redefine this phone’ at his speech and showcased to the world the world a new touchscreen phone.

3. Cisco Systems as well as iPhone:

iPhone isn’t the only phone branded iPhone in the history of phones. One of the very initial iPhone was launched in 1998 by InfoGear Technology Corporation. The InfoGear iPhone was launched in 1998.

In the following years, Cisco Systems has acquired the InfoGear Technology Corporation. When Apple announced its iPhone, Cisco Systems sued Apple for using the name iPhone. On February 20, 2007, both sides resolved their differences.

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4 9:41 on iPhone

You may have noticed that every photo of iPhones in any commercial has the time set to 9:41. Why is this? There’s a great background to this.

The moment that Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in 2007, the local time was 9:42, located in San Francisco, California. They were sure that they would reveal an iPhone at 9:42, and then put the timer at 9:42 on the slideshow as well.

When the iPad was launched, Apple announced 9:41. Since then, time is still in force until now. If you happen to can see an iPhone in an advertisement and you can see that the time is 9:41. This isn’t an unplanned coincidence. You know the reason that led to this.

5 iPhone: Release of iPhone:

iPhone was launched within the USA on June 29, 2007. The iPhone was released on June 29 2007. versions from the iPhone were made available. The two models’ distinction in the two models lay within the inside storage capacity and the cost. The model with 4GB of storage came in at $499, while the model with 8GB capacity was priced at $599.

Tens of thousands were waiting for days prior to the iPhone iPhone iPhone at AT&T or Apple retail stores to purchase the iPhone. Many stores reported shortages within an hour after the launch.

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6 iPhone EULA:

Have you gone through the EULA (End User License Agreement) of Apple devices and services at any time? There’s an interesting point regarding that too. It is a document that has approximately 18,000 words. This means that a lot people haven’t seen it.

In the document, it’s said that it is not possible to use Apple devices or services to make nuclear missiles, explosives, chemical weapons, or biological ones. Interesting, isn’t it?

7 2012 iPhone:

The year 2012 was a great one for Apple. There are reports the Apple has sold 350,000 iPhones every day in 2012.

8 Verizon and Apple:

Apple did indeed approach Verizon to work with them on the development of the iPhone. The problem was that Verizon did not agree to certain conditions that weren’t liked by Apple. So they approached “Cingular Wireless” (AT&T Mobility)with the idea.

The two parties also agreed to the entire agreement’s conditions and terms, and began working on the project in secret. After more than two and a half decades, Apple revealed the iPhone. The estimated development cost of the iPhone was 150 million dollars.

9 Total Number Of iPhone Sold:

However, Apple has officially announced that they won’t share the iPhone sales figures anymore on November 1, 2018. We don’t have the latest sales figures for the iPhone. We can tell you the numbers between 2007 and 2018, however.

According to reports, Apple has sold more than 2.3 billion copies of iPhone during this time. In addition, they sold two hundred million iPhones in 2018 in the year alone.

10 Revenues from iPhone:

Apple has a range of products like iPad, iPod, Mac watches, and many more. However, the most adored of among them all is the iPhone. The company reported that it earned around 25.99 billion USD in Q3 2019 from sales made by the iPhone.

11 Returning iPhone Customers

According to reports, around 56 percent of iPhone users still use the iPhone and can upgrade to the latest versions whenever a new version is made available.

12 When the iPhone 6s was Released:

The iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus were released on September 25 September 25, 2015. Apple announced that they had sold more than 13 million phones, 6s plus 6s Plus over the weekend following the launch. This means that they sold 50 phones every second during the first weekend following the launch of the models.

13 App Store for iPhone:

Nowadays, every smartphone has a pre-installed app store. However, it was Apple that started this trend. The company was the first company to let consumers use the App Store to download and install applications legally.

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14 iPhone Market Share in comparison to. Revenue:

Apple has been the dominant player in smartphones for quite some time. However, just a few several years back, Huawei won the title from Apple. But , in the end, Apple has the upper edge in the smartphone market until today.

As of now, Apple has 20% to 40 percent of the market share of smartphones. The majority of the 60%-80% of the earnings of the smartphone market go to Apple due to the iPhone. As of 2015, Apple bought around 94 percent of the earnings of the smartphone market.

15 Samsung vs. Apple:

Apple has plenty of competitors in the field of smartphones. But, of them all, the most well-known is Samsung without doubt. However, there’s a strong connection between Apple and Samsung in the background.

In reality, Samsung would manufacture processors for Apple’s iPhones way back in the day. But, in the present, TSMC has been making Apple processors. iPhones.

16 iPhone Conception:

Information about iPhone
It is known that iPhone was launched in 2007. However, the idea of making touchscreen smartphones was in the minds of Apple engineers for quite a while.

It was in 1983 that Apple created a landline phone with touchscreen. The credit is due to Apple’s engineer “Hartmut Esslinger’ who invented the phone. However, the landline phone wasn’t commercialized.

17 iPhone Optimization:

iPhone may not be renowned for its flexibility as Android. However, it is popular for its performance in the field of software. Apple’s principal aim is to provide users with the best possible user experience.

This meant that when the iPhone arrived, many people who were not comfortable with technology or gadgets could easily access an iPhone. And this is just one of the primary reasons for the success of the iPhone.

18 iPhone Camera:

information about the iPhone
Another advantage of having the iPhone is its camera. Apple has provided the most advanced camera phones on all versions of the iPhone each year. It’s hard not to surpass with the iPhone camera.

Today, there are several brands such as Google (Pixel Series), Samsung (Note and S Series), and Huawei (P Series) that attempt to be competitive against Apple. But, in all likelihood, iPhone is the most camera-friendly across all smartphones.

19 iPhone Hardware & Design:

iPhone isn’t just recognized for its camera performance but also for its design and the technology it is equipped with. Apple always strives to provide an easy, minimalistic and appealing design on all its products.

This is why the majority of iPhones appear similar about design. However, Apple also tries to use the top hardware available at the time of launch of each version that comes with the iPhone.

20 The Meaning of ‘i’

iPhone facts

Every Apple device’s name begins with the letter “i.” Do you know what’s of this “i”? If Steve Jobs announced the iMac to the world in 1998, Jobs explained the letter’s significance. From this, we can conclude that the letter ‘i’ is for the Internet in most cases.

In the early days, the internet was an exciting new technology for people of all ages. The iMac was a gadget that could connect to the internet at a speed that was accessible to all. In the future, he would add that the letter ‘i’ is a symbol for

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inspire, instruct, individual, inform, etc.

21 iPhone Project Codename:

While the iPhone was launched in 2007 Apple worked on the project since 2005. However, it was a highly secret project. The official name of the initiative was Project Purple 2. The project was only known to a few employees, and engineers were aware of the project.

22 iPhone Plastic Display:

iPhone facts
The first time Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007, the phone had the display made of plastic that measured 3.5 inches. At the launch in 2008, the iPhone was equipped with a Corning Gorilla glass screen. What happened? Following an announcement Steve Jobs noticed that the brand new iPhone was covered in scratch marks on the edges and elsewhere as the phone was still in his pockets.

He then told Jeff Williams (now the Chief Operating Officer at Apple) to ensure that the iPhone should come with a glass-based screen and not plastic. After five months of intense work by the engineers at Apple and Corning, the glass screen was created.

23 Apple’s Golden Goose:

Of all the various types of Apple’s devices among the various models, the iPhone has produced the highest profits for Apple. The iPhone is responsible for approximately 55 percent of the total revenues of Apple.

24 Most Popular iPhone of 2019:

iPhone facts
In the year 2019, Apple has released 3 iPhone models like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, none of these models are so popular that they could be considered the most loved iPhone of 2019.

The most well-known iPhone in 2019 was the iPhone XR. But, if you consider the popularity across the globe, the iPhone 7 is still the most used iPhone across the globe.

25 Number of iPhone Users:

As of now, there are 90 million iPhone users across the globe. Most of them hail originated from China. The second nation in this category is the USA. As of now there are more than 11 million iPhone customers within the USA. It’s about 45 percent of the smartphones in use USA.

Final Words – Facts About iPhone

iPhone was released around 12 years back. It is still, Apple is dominating the market for smartphones with the iPhone series. It is interesting to note that Apple has been releasing different versions for the iPhone for more than two years.

All of their phones are equipped with the most recent software and hardware to give you the best experience for users. We hope Apple will offer us more amazing iPhones shortly.

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