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20 Cool Internet Facts!

Internet is what we need. We love it. It is our lifeline. All hail the Internet! Why not explore some crazy and interesting internet facts below?

The Internet is an amazing, wild, and remarkable creation and undoubtedly one of the most impressive modern marvels. The Internet began as a military-funded experiment in 1960. It was meant to link computers together.

The Internet has allowed us to express our need to connect, to feel a deep need to share information, and to learn as much as possible about each other. It is difficult, even for Generation Z, to imagine a world without the Internet. Billions share their thoughts, feelings, and data with the rest of the world today.

This list contains amazing internet facts that will amaze you!

  1. Today, the Internet is 9110 years old.
  2. The Internet would weigh approximately 2 ounces (50g) if it were weighed. How can one determine the Internet’s weight? Russel Seitz, a physicist, measured the mass of the multiple billions of electrons that make up the data we send back and forth each day.
  3. YouTube uploads 72 hours’ worth of video every minute. It is mostly the pets of people.
  4. Current estimates of internet users worldwide are around 3.26 billion, which is less than half the Earth’s population.
  5. How often do your search results for the Internet come up in Google? Google averages nearly 3 billion searches per day.
  6. The Internet is used by 640 million people in China, twice the total population of the United States.
  7. Jean Armour Polly, a librarian, coined the phrase “internet surfing” in 1992.
  8. Queen Elizabeth made Tim Berners-Lee a knight for his contribution to web development.
  9. Psy, a Korean rapper sensation, holds the record for YouTube’s most viewed video. It has been viewed over 2 billion times since July 15, 2012, exactly four years ago!
  10. 87% of people have never heard of the term “Internet of Things.”
  11. According to estimates, 25% of all vehicles will have internet access by 2020.
  12. China has an internet addiction treatment center.
  13. The University of Cambridge hosted the first webcam video. What is the subject of the first live feed? A coffee pot.
  14. Two-thirds of all internet activity is done by bots and malware, not humans.
  15. was first to be registered.
  16. Gary Thuerk, a computer salesman, sent the first-ever spam email in 1978.
  17. Asia is home to 1.7 billion internet users out of 3.26 billion.
  18. More than half of all traffic to the Internet comes from file sharing and media streaming.
  19. ATMs date back to 1974 and are the first major Internet of Things objects.
  20. It takes 50 million horsepower to make the internet work today if horsepower were a measure of internet speed.

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Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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