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34 Interesting Facts About October

This month is considered one of the most enjoyable months of the year, with Halloween, piles of Autumn leaves to run around in, and even it’s the month of pizza!

This list is about Halloween and the fun things that make it a great time. From the many exciting occasions of October and historical facts to all the fun facts about October, there are a lot of exciting things to know.

If you’re impressed by the list of fascinating facts in October, make sure to check out our lists of the hazel eye and spring-related facts.

Interesting Facts About October

These are some fascinating facts and trivia about October for people born in October month, the tenth of the year.

1. Tourmaline and Opal represent the traditional birthstones for October.

2. The October birth flower is the vibrant orange calendula. It is also called the marigold.

3. The most prominent sign for anyone born during October can be either Libra or Scorpio. Libras were born on September 23 and October 22, while Scorpios were born on October 23 and November 21.

4. Shakespeare did not mention the month of October in his play or sonnets!

5. Matt Damon, Julie Andrews, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, and even Christopher Columbus were born in October!

6. The word “Oktober” is used in German and Dutch the month of October is known as “Oktober.” In Italian, it’s “Ottobre.” In Turkish, it’s Oketopa, and in Korean, it’s called Siweol.

7. Every year, babies born in October are believed to be innovative and tend to be high performers.

8. October falls in the 10th month of the year. It’s also the sixth of the seven months with 31 days.

9. The months of January and October always begin simultaneously in normal years. However, if it’s a leap year, October isn’t the same weekday as other months. The months of February and October also finish on the same day during the week!

Special Days In October

October is a special month that is filled with wonderful celebrations. With important historical holidays and cool global and national celebrations, you and your loved ones are excited about October’s arrival. These are just a few of our top things in October each year.

10. National Homemade Cookies Day is on October 1, perfect for kids who enjoy baking and are a fan of cookies!

11. Make a plan to treat your friends and family to celebrate the National Do Something Nice Day observed on October 5.

12. October 12 is among the most important dates in the story of America since it was the day that Columbus came to America in 1492. It is also the day that Christopher Columbus Day is celebrated. Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in Canada on this day.

13. World Smile Day is on the first Friday in October. It’s a great opportunity to show a big smile to your family, friends, family, and maybe even your teachers.

14. If you have a child who loves animals who are out there, do not forget that October 15 is World Animal Day each year!

15. October 28 marks National Chocolate Day, so add that date to your calendar to give yourself an occasion to indulge in the delicious chocolate you’ve been craving just before Halloween!

16. Halloween falls on October 31, and it’s a fun night of trick-or-treating, eating delicious snacks, and dressing up in costumes of your favorite characters.

October In History

Enjoy these fun and quirky October facts about significant historical events that have occurred throughout world time, as well as fascinating facts about the background of this month.

17. The name October is derived from the Latin word “octo,” which means “eight.” This is because it was the first month to be considered the eighth in the calendar! The situation changed after the advent of the Roman calendar. It was just the eighth month before July, and August was added to the Roman calendar by Julius Caesar and Augustus, and it was changed to the tenth month of the year instead of the eighth month.

18. In October 1888, the first National Geographic magazine was released.

19. The Statue of Liberty arrived in the United States from France in 1886.

20. October 12, 1999, was a significant date for all of humanity because it was the day we attained a population of six billion.

21. In October 1884, the time zones around the globe were established. It was based on the Greenwich Meridian time zone, which aids in understanding the time zones.

22. October has seen the birth of more presidents born in the United States born than any other month of the year.

23. In October 1968 In October 1968, it was the time that the 19th Summer Olympic Games was held in Mexico City. The only Olympic Games held in Latin America ever!

24. October was referred to as “Winterfylleth” to the Anglo-Saxons. It translates to “the fullness of winter.”

25. “Little Women,” written by Louisa May Alcott, was published in October 1868.

26. Disney World in Florida opened in October 1971.

October In Culture

The babies born between October and November are likely to remain alive until hundred years old!

It is packed with wonderful cultural celebrations and celebrates many different cultural traditions!

27. October falls on the 10th day of the year and is a month to celebrate family history month National Book Month and national roller skating month, country music month, and LGBT history month.

28. National Indigenous People Day is celebrated on October 12.

29. National Hispanic Heritage Month in October and runs from September 15 until October 15.

30. October is a very hectic month for foodies. For instance, it is the month for cookies, pizza, popcorn, sausages, and dessert.

October In Nature

October is renowned for its gorgeous fall leaves, but there are numerous other interesting facts about nature that you’ll be amazed by.

31. The Northern Hemisphere, October happens during Autumn (fall). However, within the Southern Hemisphere, October falls in spring! In each hemisphere, October falls within the same season as April is for the other hemisphere.

32. Baby born in October is most likely to be 100 than babies born in other months! Researchers believe this is because they weren’t born during an extremely cold winter or summer when the population is more likely to become sick.

33. The night sky is clearer in October, so it’s the best time to take a stargazing trip.

34. Each year, October is the most popular mating time for white-tailed deer and elk, as well as moose and even porcupines. So keep an eye out for these adorable baby animals.

Wrapping Up:

At Best Facts, we have carefully crafted a variety of fascinating family-friendly facts that everyone can delight in! If you enjoyed our tips for facts about October, why not have a look at these facts about the green eye and zodiac-related facts as well?

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