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15+ Interesting Facts About Fish For Kids!

A member of one of the six principal animal groups–along with amphibians, invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals. Fish are so abundant in the lakes, oceans, and rivers that fresh species are continually being discovered.

Below are the 17 most important facts regarding Fishing fish to surprise you:

1. Humans have 9,000 tastebuds; however, Catfish have more than 27,000. Fishes have taste buds all over their bodies and can taste without opening their mouths!

2. Did you know that fish produce sounds? The loudest fish is the croaker. You may not have heard a single fish chirp, and they do not have vocal cords either. They use different parts: boom, grunt and hiss, crackle, wail, shriek and boom to communicate their message.

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3. Fish can drown as well! This can happen when there aren’t enough oxygen levels in the waters.

4. Its Spotted Climbing Perch can take in oxygen from the air and then walk on land using its pectoral fins in the event that it has to search for water.

5. Fish can be sunburned in the water! This isn’t a common occurrence and only occurs when there is something in their environment that causes permit them to sink further into the waters to find an area of the shelter.

6. Parrotfish, called parrotfish, produce a type of mucus that covers them to provide protection.

7. Fish have a unique sense organ that is similar to an electronic radar known as the lateral line. This lets them move about water that is dark or murky.

8. Most fish have a dark skin tone on top and lighter skin colour on the bottom. They are counter-shaded, so they do not stand out on the surface.

9. Certain fish species, like sharks, have to float since they do not have an air bladder to keep them floating constantly.

10. Antarctic Icefish contain antifreeze within their blood. They can also be kept alive at -1degC for a long time.

11. Fish are unable to chew; even if they did attempt to chew, they’d likely be suffocated and die since it impairs the flow of water through their gills.

12. Fish are stressed just like birds and mammals! They are very good at the sense of touch, taste, and sight. Some even smell and hear quite well.

13. The lungfish can survive on the land for days without water, as it has both gills and lungs.

14. The speed of a sailfish is able to easily beat the speed of your car. At 110 km/hr, it is believed that it is the Indo-Pacific Sailfish or Istiophorus platypterus is the fastest fish on the planet.

15. The most slow-moving species of fish can be the seahorse. It is so slow that you don’t even be aware!

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16. Jellyfish and Starfish aren’t fish, although they do have the word “fish” in their names. To be considered a fish, the animal must possess bones as well as scales, gills and gills, but they do not have any of these attributes.

17. It is believed that the pufferfish carries an oxin that is 1000 times more harmful than Cyanide. It is sufficient to cause death to 30 people.

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