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Instagram Marketing: Top 7 Trends For 2022

A Hootsuite study shows that 63% of Instagram users connect to it daily. Around 42% of users even visit their feed several times a day! Instagram is also positioned as a preferred platform for entertainment, where young adults spend most of their time, according to a Reuters report.

It must be said that the platform belonging to Facebook does not skimp on new features to keep its followers and attract new users. In 2022, Instagram will continue to grow and innovate. As a business, you need to prepare tomorrow’s trends now. Make way for the elements to integrate into your Instagram marketing in 2022 and to have get more Instagram followers!

Stories, stories, stories!

Stories are popular on Instagram; 500 million users share them every day. A third of the most viewed stories come from brands, and one in five leads to a private message from followers. To optimize your Instagram marketing and increase the engagement of your community in 2022, this is the format to favor. This year already, more than 50% of professional accounts have used it. This announces the color of the coming weeks!

Are you looking for ideas for your Instagram stories? Here is a non-exhaustive list:

• Take a look behind the scenes of your company or workshop.
• Organize a question and answer session with your followers
• Unveil a new product or service
• Share user-generated content on Instagram
• Create a mini-training or tutorial in several stages
• Introduce your employees and/or partners
• Unveil a set or collection of products that can be used together
• Broadcast live internal or external events related to your activity.
• Teaser your future products or services

Stories but with music

Stories but with music

If Instagram Stories are popular, those with sound are even more popular. According to Facebook, 80% of stories with a voiceover or music get better conversion results.
In 2017, 60% of the stories consulted had sound activated. According to a study by the Mobi team, this figure should reach 75-80% in 2022. It’s time to use the Instagram music sticker, but also to create videos with a punchy sound, which immerses followers in your universe.
Of course, also think of those who have their smartphone muted: don’t forget the subtitles, if necessary, and bet on attractive images. Music is just a “plus” in your Story.

Augmented Reality Finds Its Place in Your Instagram Marketing

With the Spark AR platform, you can create filters and effects with the image of your brand. Collaborate with influencers, creators of Augmented Reality filters, and reach a wider audience, fond of new technologies. You can take advantage of the highlights of the year (Christmas or Halloween) to create a filter that will be shared by your community.
However, as in any axis of your Instagram marketing, think useful, and conversion! Your filter must add value to followers. For example, this one can help them choose a garment, a lipstick, a haircut, or sunglasses, as Rayban offers. AR can also allow you to place an object in the daily life of your followers, a car in front of the house, a sofa in the living room, a decorative accessory in the bedroom.

The “micro-influencers” will take power

The "micro-influencers" will take power

Faced with the bad practice of buying Instagram likes and followers, micro and nano influencers will have a greater role to play in your Instagram marketing in 2022. These users who have a community of between 5,000 and 50,000 followers have a more authentic and truly committed word.

The engagement rate for an account with 2,000 followers is 151% higher than an account with more than a million followers. In addition, they cost less. For a post sponsored by a nano-influencer, it will take less than $ 100 against $ 1,400 for mega influencers. Depending on your strategy and your activity, it is more effective to flood the social network via around twenty micro-influencers than to put your entire budget on one or two “stars.” Influencers who exceed 100,000 followers will always be useful for a punch operation or a major launch.

Instagram becomes a strong market place

Previously, to shop the products discovered on Instagram, your customers should be directed to your website. This will no longer be the case in 2022. With the Shopping tool developed by the platform, purchases will be made directly on the social network. What is the objective? Offer a better user experience to Instagrammers, while boosting brand conversions. Instagram has teamed up with Shopify, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, and CommerceHub to manage your entire sales funnel from attracting leads to managing payments, and everything is taken care of by the social network.

Be ready, sharpen your catalog, and plan a marketing strategy accordingly!
This innovation turns out to be an excellent opportunity for brands to convert their visitors into followers and then into loyal customers.

More popularity for the Explore tab

More popularity for the Explore tab

The Explore tab allows Instagram users to discover new content, as well as new accounts. 60% of users use Explorer to find inspiration for decoration, travel, beauty, food, etc.
Knowing that more than 50% of Instagrammers use this tab every month, it is necessary to integrate additional good practices in your Instagram marketing.

So, how to appear in the Explore tab more easily?
• Create quality content.
• Use the trend filters.
• Post regularly during peak hours.
• Call to action: the more engagement your posts receive, the more likely they are to appear in Explorer.
• Tag popular accounts.
• Use hashtags searched by your target.

More updates inspired by Tik Tok

Instagram is known for “copying” what works for its competitors. Instagram would prepare a “Clips” mode for stories, very similar to that existing on the brand new social network. This function will allow users to record and collect several video sequences within the same Story, then add music to it. The speed of each clip will also be changeable.

It is a new option that allows you to revitalize a story and improve its storytelling. Of course, it will be possible to add filters and effects to each sequence. Instagram has not yet decided on the subject, but the social network of the image should soon tell us a little more.

Following these trends is giving your Instagram marketing a big boost in 2022! Take these tips into account now to more easily reach your social media goals.

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