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5 Reasons To Use Instagram For Brand Marketing | Instagram Marketing Facts

Anyone who has studied the fundamentals of brand marketing would know about the four Ps of marketing, propounded by Philip Kotler. Have a look at these important Reasons To Use Instagram For Brand Marketing and understand these Instagram marketing facts!

‘Place’ happens to be one of the pillars of marketing that no brand marketer can ever afford to forget. And with most consumers living their life in the online realm, it becomes imperative to leverage Instagram for brand marketing.

If you are unsure why to use Instagram for brand marketing, we are here to help you understand and refine your brand marketing strategy. Here are the top 5 reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing. 

Instagram Marketing Facts

Reasons To Use Instagram For Brand Marketing

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing!

Give a boost to brand visibility. 

A common saying is that a brand must be where the consumers are. And it must not come as a surprise to anyone that consumers are flocking the online world more than before. Therefore, if a brand wants to increase its recall value in the minds of consumers and wants to build a personal connection with them, the brand has to warm up to its target audience. 

With over 700 million Instagram users and over a billion posts shared daily on this platform, Instagram has become a point of parity for brand marketing. Your followers and brand lovers will increase the number of brand mentions if you can connect well with them, and this makes it one of the most compelling reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing. This becomes more crucial if your brand is small or just starting to sell.

Numerous small brands have disrupted the pecking order in their industries by leveraging Instagram for brand marketing. The fact that some of these small brands have also exceeded the influence of big fishes in their industry makes one strongly consider Instagram for brand marketing. 

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A visual delight for customers 

A visual delight for customers 

Instagram is a place for multimedia content. Photos and videos dominate the realm, and people are often hooked to an interesting reel. This gives your brand much higher visibility and a probability of captivating your audience’s attention. The audience engagement levels for videos and reels are much higher than for text and static photos. 

A higher audience engagement is something no brand can ever ignore. By stepping into the social media photo-sharing platform, your brand will talk directly to prospective customers and communicate your products and services to people more creatively. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words – we all have heard this.

But a video is a much stronger weapon in the arsenal of brand marketing. Please don’t waste your time typing text, for most people don’t care to stop at the caption and read it. Everyone is pressed on time in this fast-paced world, and your brand will get just a split second to captivate the audience.

Since photos and videos are the major fractions of the internet traffic, a brand manager can easily imagine how prevalent multimedia content is these days to connect with people. Putting your brand ahead of the competition must be one of the best reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing. 

Brand mentions can propel your brand recall. 

If your customers love you, they are bound to mention you in their posts and reshares. When people tag a brand on Instagram posts, it increases the brand’s reach across an international market. 

Without physically stepping into a foreign market, your brand can talk to people from a wide geographical area. With people proactively sharing reels and resharing each other’s content, a brand manager can easily understand how the brand content can propagate across people and target audiences swiftly, without much effort. 

When someone’s friend or a person in a close network mentions a brand, it increases brand perception, visibility, and trust. People are more likely to trust something that someone in their close circles recommends. Instagram is a great platform to capitalize on this consumer behavior, which makes it all the more important to use Instagram for brand marketing. 

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Make your networks. 

Instagram is a wonderful place to connect with other like-minded brands and network with them for collaboration. A brand can launch its marketing campaign and connect with the audience while tagging other supporting or complementary brands, commenting on their posts, and sending them messages. The ecosystem that builds over Instagram is one of the greatest reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing. 

It becomes easier to launch joint campaigns and capitalize on the consumer base of the partnering brand. If a consumer of that brand notices your joint campaign, there are higher chances of that consumer trusting your brand. 

Analytics at the core 

Instagram provides many tools and capabilities to track and measure your marketing campaigns and check their effectiveness end-to-end. Moreover, a brand manager can see how many views a post has received, which geographies have shown interest in it, how many people have reshared it, and how long people have interacted with the marketing campaign. Instagram’s traceability and transparency to marketing campaigns make it one of the best reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing.

 It becomes easier to identify the target segment’s response to your brand marketing and the level of engagement the posts generate. Moreover, the paid promotions can help reach a wider audience base, while a brand manager can also narrow down on the exact demographics the brand needs to reach out to. The level of control over marketing activities and their tracking makes Instagram a much-loved platform for brand marketing. 

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If you are a brand marketer waiting for the next big turnaround for your brand, then Instagram is the place. You cannot stay away from the place where your customers are. So, gear up, make an Instagram channel, and don’t forget the top 5 reasons to use Instagram for brand marketing. 


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