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In n Out Nutrition Facts That You Must Know!

Are you looking for nutrition information for all items on the In-n-Out Burger menu? We’ve got the serving size of calories, fat proteins, and carbs for nearly everything that In-n-Out Burger offers. You should be aware of the In n Out nutrition facts!

We’ve first sorted their food offerings into two categories: beverages and Burgers.

Are there any menu items of In-n-Out Burger that we’re missing or that you’d like to try? Tell us! Until then explore these In n Out nutrition facts below!

In n Out Nutrition Facts – Most Nutritious Option

The most nutritious option in the menu offered at In-N-Out includes”Protein” burger “Protein-Style” hamburger. It is not served with buns and is less calorific and fats, carbohydrates, and sodium.

Sodium in In-N-Out Fries

245 mg

Navigating the Menu

The menu in limited of In-N-Out Burger makes ordering simple since there are only two main categories of food items. The restaurant has nutrition information2 and ingredient lists for the menu items they offer on the In-N-Out Burger website.

You can alter the food you eat by choosing to do so, for example, removing some condiments or choosing hamburgers without buns. However, nutritional information isn’t readily available for most custom-made meals.


There are a variety of ways to customize your hamburger at In-N’Out. You can add or remove the cheese, unique meat sauces, meat, or condiments. It is also possible to cut your hamburger in half. If you’re looking for a classic hamburger served with a bun, this might be the most suitable option.

However, keep in mind that the portion size is much less than that of the healthier selection on the menu. It’s the Protein-Style hamburger. It is a standard In-N-Out hamburger (with one patty and no cheese) wrapped in lettuce, not buns.

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Protein-Style Hamburger, with Onion

The Protein-Style hamburger with onions offers 240 calories above 17g of fat and 4g of saturated fat. It also contains 13g protein, 11g carbohydrate and 370 mg sodium. By removing the bun, you can cut down on calories, carbohydrates and sodium.

Although the nutrition facts don’t specifically mention bread, if you take into account the difference between a bun-topped burger and the one without it, the burger with the bun, you can determine that the bun will add 150 calories 2g fat 1g saturated fat 28g carbohydrates 3g protein, the sodium level is 280 mg.

Not-So-Secret 4×4 Burger

The 4×4 Not-So-Secret Burger is also referred to as”Quad Quad. “Quad Quad.” In-N-Out Burger does not offer specific nutritional details for this particular item. In essence, it’s two Double-Doubles in one bun, or it’s a Double-Double that has Protein Double-Double in a Protein style. It comes with four beef patties, lettuce tomato spread, 4 slices of American cheese (with or without onions) on a bun.

While the nutritional information provided isn’t precise, an estimate based on the information provided will show that it contains around 1,470 calories, including 102g fat, the saturated fat of 37g, 72 grams of carbohydrate, 75g protein, and 3,160 mg of sodium.


While the standard menu offers one choice to eat french fries, there are options to make them more personal. However, custom fries aren’t any better than standard fries.

You can, for instance, ask that your fries are cooked lightly (softer) or well-done (crispier) or something in between. You may include meat or cheese in your fries to include calories, fat and sodium.

In N Out Fries Calories

There are 180 calories in 57 grams of In-N-Out fries. With 318 calories for 100g of food, it could be considered to be a high calorific density food. Be aware, High calorie density foods tend to build to calories fast and you must be cautious when it comes to the amount of food you consume in the event that you want to shed weight.
in-n-out fries is high in carbohydrates. It is also low in proteins , and moderate for fats. Check out the macronutrients graph below to see an exact ratio.

At 42g of “Net carbohydrates” per 100 grams, it is not suitable to consume in the case of the Keto or Ketosis diet.

Small French Fries

If you choose to order the standard french fries, one order contains the following: 370 calories and 15g of fat, 1.5g saturated fats, 52g of carbohydrate 6,g protein and 250 mg sodium. If you’re interested in cutting down on salt or fat intake, You can share these with a partner. The portion size of 125 grams is large enough to split. For comparison purposes, an average portion of fries from McDonald’s is around 75 grams.

Roadkill Fries

One of the most popular menu tricks at In-N’Out is to order meals “animal-style.” This menu choice typically is used for burgers; it is also becoming popular for ordering fries. Animal-style fries are topped with an extra cheese spread and a piece of melty cheese and chopped onions that have been grilled. If you purchase Roadkill Fries, you get the Flying Dutchman on top of the animal-style fries. You get two patties of burgers, separated by cheese, placed on the top of fries with spread with melting cheese and onions grilled.

Nutritional details are not available in this popular menu hack; however, if you calculate the nutrition facts for fries served with two patties of burger with two pieces of cheese (protein-style cheeseburgers), then you’ll already have 890 calories and 54g of fats, 18.5g saturated fat, 39g protein, 63g carbs and 1,410mg sodium.

in n out cheeseburger calories

There are more than 480 calories in the in N Out cheeseburger. The cheeseburger has 27g of fat 39 grams of carbs and 22 grams of protein. It is 395 calories for the In N Out fries. The fries are packed with the equivalent of 18 grams fat and carbs of 54 grams, and 7 grams of protein.


In-N-Out is famous for its shakes made of real ice cream. They are available in three fundamental flavours: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. It is also possible to mix any flavours to create your mix. There’s only one size of shake available on the menu of basic items 15 pounds.

It is known that you can purchase extra-large or large sizes, and the shakes will be served in larger cups that are provided for soft drinks.

Small Vanilla Shake

A standard (15-ounce) vanilla shake has 570 calories, 30g fat, and 19g saturated fat. It also contains 10g protein, 65g carbohydrate and 360 mg sodium. Changing the flavour of the shake to chocolate or strawberry only alters the nutritional info a bit. If you decide to enjoy this delicious dessert, you should choose the flavour you love the most.

Extra-large Strawberry Shake

Although exact information isn’t available for larger sizes, estimating the size based on larger-sized cups is quite easy. A large cup weighs 20 pounds (which is the size of a medium-sized soft drink without Ice). A large milkshake cup available at In-N’Out is 30 grams (the largest soft drink size with no Ice) which is double that of a standard shake. A large strawberry shake will contain 1180 calories with 48g of fat, 30g saturated fat, 16g protein, 228g carbohydrate and 620mg sodium.


In-N Out offers similar soda fountain selections at other fast-food eateries. Naturally, one could simply drink water as well. One common method for ordering food is to ask for water and, after that, squeeze the lemon wedges in the cup, along with sugar or sweetener, to make a lightened lemonade.

Iced Tea

If you choose to order the largest amount of unsweetened tea (29 ounces), the drink provides no calories, 0g of fat and 0g of saturated fat. It also contains carbohydrates and 0g protein, and 0 mg sodium. Make sure to mention that you would like tea that is not sweetened, but the sweet variety is offered on the menu and can provide up to 265 calories.

Barq’s Root Beer

Large, sugary soft drinks offer significant calories, and sugars added. You can choose to drink without or with Ice. If you choose to order an extra-large bottle of Barq’s root beer without Ice (42 ounces), you’ll consume 580 calories and 0g fat. You’ll also consume 158g carbohydrates, 0g protein and 125 mg sodium.

Diet-specific options

The restaurant is well-known for its ability to accommodate guest requests. It has various options for those on particular diets, such as low-carb, gluten-free, low-FODMAP and diabetes-friendly low-fat, vegetarian, low-sodium, or vegan.


In-N-Out offers the following list of items that do not contain gluten or wheat. However, they don’t declare that any products are gluten-free. This means that while some foods may not contain gluten-x ingredients, if it’s cooked near food that contains gluten (such for example, buns), there always exists the risk of cross-contamination.

The following food items do not have wheat or gluten in them:

Protein-style hamburger

Protein-based cheeseburger

Protein-style double-double, 3×3 or 4×4.

French fries

Shakes (all flavours)

The restaurant also states that hot cocoa doesn’t contain wheat. However, it is not specifically tested for gluten in wheat. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, talk to the staff of the restaurant you frequent to obtain more details about the possibility of contamination.


In-N-Out Burger was among the first fast-food establishments to cater to those who have a low-carb diet by introducing their protein-based hamburgers. Other menu items have a significant amount of starch (french fries) or sugar (shakes).

These are the top choices for people who are low in carbs:

Protein-style hamburger

Protein-style cheeseburger

Protein-style double-double, 3×3, or even 4×4

Chilli peppers in the form of yellow (available upon request at a variety of places)


Since cheese, beef, and potatoes are generally in compliance with the low-FODMAP diet, those following this eating plan can choose from a variety of choices in In-N-Out Burger. However, you might want to avoid the onions. Also, dairy products do not typically be a good choice for those following this diet, So you might prefer to avoid shakes, too.

All Burgers (regular or style protein) without cheese and onions

French fries

Tea (sweetened or unsweetened)



Because you can purchase various low-carb options from In-N-Out and other stores, those trying to maintain normal glucose levels have a few options. These aren’t necessarily the items that are recommended for a diabetic diet. However, they are richer in protein and have fewer carbs.

Protein-style hamburger

Protein-style cheeseburger

Protein-style double-double, 3×3, or 4×4.

The yellow chillies (available on request at a variety of places)


People trying to reduce their calories could have a difficult time making a menu in In-N-Out. You can, however, order custom food items that are not available included on the standard menu. Certain of the top options aren’t necessarily lower in calories. However, they are lower in fat than the other options on the menu.

Don’t forget that you can order any of the hamburgers “cut-in-half” to ensure you can take a portion of the meal home for later or even take it to a party with a friend.

Protein-style hamburger

Burger made of Veggies (aka”wish” burger) “wish” hamburger)

In-N-Out Burger doesn’t offer vegetarian burgers. However, it is possible to order the bun, which is filled with vegetables (tomato and grilled onions) and lettuce and cheese If you want). In removing the meat patty, you’ll reduce the fat content by 10 grams (but there are thirteen grams of protein).


Surprisingly, one of the foods with the lowest sodium content in the menu of In-N-Out is French fries that contain 250 milligrams. Each burger contains 350 milligrams of sodium or more, with a majority offering 700 milligrams or more. However, In-N-Out is famous for customizing food items, and you can ask that your hamburger patty be cooked without added salt.

Vegetarian and Vegan

As we said, there are vegetarian burgers (wish burgers) at In-N’Out that will be suitable for vegetarian diets. Also, you can order the grilled cheese, which is a cheeseburger with no meat patty.

However, the buns are laced with eggs, and vegan diners or those who do not consume eggs in their vegetarian diets will not be able to pick these choices. A better option is to opt for the protein-based burger filled with grilling onions, tomatoes and peppers (if there are any) and pickles and cheese (if you consume dairy).

French fries can also be suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet as they are cooked in sunflower oil that is 100 per cent sunflower.

Food Allergies and Safety

In-N-Out Burger has allergen-free information on its website.3 As per the firm, their food products do not contain peanuts and sesame, tree nuts, shellfish or fish.

If you have any concerns regarding allergens or potential contamination, ask someone at the counter before ordering.

The Wrap-Up:

In-N-Out Burger is well-known for its delicious, premium food and willingness to meet customer demands. However, the menu is restricted. If you’re a fan of a classic burger and fries made from fresh, simple ingredients, you’ll surely enjoy the food served here. Be sure to tailor your order according to your personal preferences.

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