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20 Amazing Hunger Games Facts You Didn’t Know

How many of these fascinating Hunger Games facts did you have in your knowledge? Look through our list and look around.

Districts, Mockingjays, games where kids fight against each other until the end and more. The Hunger Games is a exciting adventure from beginning to end. What is your knowledge of this amazing series?

From the beginnings of Katniss’s name to the reason why Elizabeth Banks couldn’t go to the bathroom Here are 20 fascinating Hunger Games facts you never thought of!

Hunger Games Facts

Hunger Games Facts

Katniss is actually a potato

A little bit. Katniss was named after the real-life tuber plant that is said to taste like sweet potato. According to the reports, it was an important food source for the indigenous American people. Not the most glamorous names, but it’s a good one!

There was a rise in archery.

Katniss’ weapon of choice the bow and arrow, has experienced a an enormous increase in popularity over the last few years, thanks to books and movies which make it look like a sport that is cool. Indeed, USA Archery even wrote an email to say thank you for the sport to Suzanne Collins!

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Jennifer Lawrence has to cut her hair

To get the hair color of Katniss in the films Jennifer Lawrence’s locks were continuously dyed throughout the production. This amount of treatment and dyeing ended up ruining it. Jennifer Lawrence had to cut the length to make it back to health. In the final film she wears a wig in place of. Perhaps they should have planned it from the beginning!

Panem is based on the ancient Rome

In the early days of Rome the phrase “Panem and Cirenses” (Bread or circuses) refers to the state’s strategy of distracting citizens from larger issues by offering them foods and fun. A major one of the most renowned shows was gladiatorial combat. It was held in arenas such as the colosseum and involved combat to the death to the enjoyment of the other Romans similar to The Hunger Games. It also implies that the word Panem means ‘Bread’ which isn’t quite as than impressive when translated into English.

Donald Sutherland really wanted to portray President Snow

Donald Sutherland was so keen to portray President Snow that directed him to write in a lengthy letter outlining his reasons for why this character was crucial and how he could play the role. He also read all the books prior to filming so that he was well-versed in Snow. This is dedication to a role!

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The inspiration came from watching television

According to the author Suzanne Collins, she came to the concept for the novel while channel hopping between news and reality coverage. It led her to think about how the news about crime and war has turned into entertainment. The two concepts merged in her mind due to fatigue of her job, and she came up with the idea for the book.

Katniss is a hot competitors

It’s difficult to imagine someone other than Katniss today, but prior to when Jennifer Lawrence was cast, numerous other young actors tried out for the role for the role, including Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Saoirse Ronan. The part was eventually given to Jennifer Lawrence with the remainder of the story being the story!

It took a lot of time to put together the look of Effie.

Effie Trinket is well-known for her bizarre Capitol hairstyles and fashions and her look could require about four hours each day to put together including makeup outfits, clothes and Effie’s extravagant hairstyles. Evidently, Elizabeth Banks also needed assistance getting to the toilet due to her crazy nails!

It’s illegal in Vietnam

Although the concept of child soldiers and gladiators fighting to the end may appear bizarre and unrealistic to Western audiences, unfortunately in some areas of the world, it’s near to the real world, like Vietnam in which the first film was prohibited. In the Vietnam War made headlines in the 1970s due to its large number of children soldiers. The nation is still apprehensive about the issue to this day and is uneasy about depictions of protests by young people against the state.

Suzanne Collins was inspired by her father.

Suzanne Collins says that several aspects of her books were based upon her father’s experiences. This includes his experience combating in the Vietnam war , and the devastating consequences of war, as well as his growing up during The Great Depression, where the author learned survival and hunting techniques to survive. Collins used these stories to write the book and was sure to highlight the negative effects of war as well as poverty.

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Jennifer Lawrence had to train in a rigorous way to play Katniss.

Katniss is known as skilled as a hunter archer, survivalist, and all-around badass. Jennifer Lawrence had to do plenty of practice to ensure she was up to her reputation with archery lessons and training classes for combat, workouts and yoga. There were scrapes and bumps along the course, including running at in full speed against a wall!

The Hunger Games was inspired by Greek Myths

Suzanne Collins is a self-confessed Greek myths geek, and was a fan of Greek myths in her childhood. The idea that inspired The Hunger Games was partly drawn from the legend about Theseus along with the Minotaur that cities must send seven people and seven women to become victims of the Minotaur each year to avoid destruction and death. Collins loved the concept and modified the idea!

It was never planned to be a trilogy.

At first, Suzanne Collins had only thought of writing one book. The popularity that surrounded The Hunger Games, as along with the end of the first novel led Suzanne realize that she had to write more. So she did!

Jennifer Lawrence gave Josh Hutcherson an injury to the head

When filming the first movie, Jennifer told Josh she could kick higher than him and proceeded with showing him…and ended up striking him on the head. He even got a concussion! Keep an eye out for Jennifer!

There are theories regarding the location of the books

Panem is a fictional state comprised of present-day USA and there are a variety of theories about where each district as well as the capitol should be located. The films depict North Carolina for lots of Katniss’s district 12 home which suggests it’s situated in the Appalachian mountains. Some fans believe Denver, Colorado is the actual place for the Capitol.

Jennifer Lawrence went deaf while filming

In the TV show Katniss becomes deaf in her ear following an injury. However, the real Jennifer Lawrence also went temporarily deaf due to an ear infection while in the water. It was not helped by noises playing! Ouch!

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There’s a reason people enter their names into the draw multiple times

In the movies there is no explanation for the reason Gale has been included in the draw many times. In the books it’s explained that placing your name more than once gives you the possibility of accessing rare and valuable things like food, oil and clothes. This is why someone would want to do it repeatedly!

Jennifer Lawrence was hesitant to play the part.

Prior to The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence was mostly working on independent films. She was initially concerned about taking part in something that large could make her famous, and thus make her appear unpopular. Naturally, she was right as was Katniss. is now a household name because of her outspoken and casual manner of speaking.

A few portions that comprise Panem have now become real

A few aspects of the series have been made real because of the popularity of the series, such as Mockingjay pins, which make use of the three fingers sign as a symbol of protest district 12 cookbooks for recipes, as well as the slogans and phrases that are part of the series.

Jennifer Lawrence was paid a amount for her role

Jennifer Lawrence was paid half one million dollars for the first film (A very small sum according to Hollywood standards) and $10 million for the following as well as $15 million in the last two films, which gave her a total sum of more than $25 million for the entire series. Wow!

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