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How to Grow Instagram Following in 2022?

Instagram today has over 800 million monthly users and extremely high levels of user engagement. With 80% of Instagram users following at least one brand, it appears that marketers are more eager than ever to learn how to leverage Instagram for their business and grow Instagram following.

Whether you’re building your account or working for a company, keep reading to learn about the best strategies we’ve identified for growing larger and more relevant Instagram free followers.

How to grow Instagram following in 2022

Grow Instagram Following

Consistently publish (at least once a day)

Tool for visual marketing In 2017, Tailwind looked at over 100,000 Instagram profiles to see how posting frequency influences free Instagram followers growth and engagement.

They discovered that the more frequently you post, the more likes and follows you will receive.

According to the research, profiles that post seven or more times per week (or at least once per day) receive more likes and attract followers faster than profiles that post less frequently.

Consistency is a critical component in seeing your posts and appearing at the top of the algorithmic timeline on Instagram.

If your posts are shared frequently and receive a lot of engagement, we believe Instagram’s algorithm will prioritize them at the top of your followers’ feeds. You can get more free Instagram likes.

Test videos, live videos, and stories are all available.

Grow Instagram Following

Instagram started as a photo-sharing social media platform, but it has grown. Brands can now generate numerous content to engage their fans and expand their Instagram following using tools like video, live video, and Stories.

Here are some compelling reasons to experiment with new content types:

l The average video engagement is increasing quicker than the average image engagement.

l When you record a live video on Instagram, your video will be the first to show in the Stories feed.

l Every day, about 250 million individuals use Instagram Stories.

l In 2018, 68 percent of marketers polled expect to develop more Stories.

Select and employ high-quality hashtags.

We’ve all heard of hashtags, but they appear to be more essential on Instagram than any social media platform. The right hashtags (and location tag) can reach a huge and focused audience, and Instagram users don’t seem to be as bored with hashtags as they are on other social media platforms.

Because of their popularity, you may now even follow a hashtag!

Simply Measured conducted two research and discovered that Instagram posts that include both hashtags and a location tag receive more average engagement.

In other words, hashtags might be your greatest choice for quickly growing your Instagram following.

You can simply get quality and relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts using free Instagram tools. With Display Purpose, for example, you simply type a few sentences on your image, and it will suggest the appropriate hashtags to use.

Make User-Generated Content Available (UGC)

The most basic way to employ user-generated content is for brands to collect the best user-generated material from around the web and promote it on their social media or other channels while crediting the creator (user). Sharing user-generated material is an engaging and successful approach to growing your Instagram following.

Wrap Up

If you don’t see the results you want after trying all of the above strategies, have a look at our top recommendations for gaining more Instagram Followers.


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