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How To Get Involved In The Defi Market

If you’ve invested in the crypto space, you are probably familiar with decentralized finance and the benefits it can bring to cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized finance is all about direct peer-to-peer exchange without the use of intermediaries who charge processing fees for each transaction. As the crypto world evolves, new blockchain projects are trying to incorporate more decentralized aspects into their crypto economies to benefit the coin holders and users.

Here’s a quick overview of decentralized exchanges and how you can join and participate in the Defi market.

DEX vs. Centralized Exchanges

Most cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized, but some are decentralized exchanges, DEXs. Both types of exchanges have different benefits and drawbacks for users. Centralized exchanges use intermediaries and a central book of orders to verify transactions, requiring fees and taking longer than exchanges on DEX platforms.


Though all centralized exchanges generally have strong security, they are at a higher risk of attacks by hackers due to their organizational nature. DEXs, on the other hand, do not use intermediaries. Hence, there are no transaction fees, money is moved more quickly between parties, and because they are decentralized, they are at a lower risk of being targeted by hackers.

Centralized exchanges are generally easier to use and navigate, while DEXs can be confusing for some new crypto traders. However, new decentralized exchanges like the new FTT DAO by FTX are being built to give the users all the benefits of decentralized exchanges and the user-friendly nature and ease of use of centralized exchanges. Selecting the best exchange for your financial goals is integral to successful crypto investing.

The Future of Defi

You can get involved in the Defi market by investing in crypto through a DEX platform and begin trading. The future of the Defi marketplace will be focused on offering free and anonymous trading between users without using a third party or another intermediary.

The principles of Defi can be further applied to social blockchain projects that work to give people access to digital IDs and a reliable economic marketplace without relying on governments or banks. Many blockchain projects are attempting to bring a decentralized economy to our daily lives and are working to improve everyone’s access to a free and borderless economic structure.


The Metaverse

Today, videogame projects and metaverse projects are working on developing self-sustaining, decentralized crypto economies. Many online video games can be hacked, or in-game items can be stolen, replicated, or falsified. With NFTs in video games, gamers will have indisputable records of ownership over every in-game item they acquire. Gamers can even do ‘work’ within the game to mint more crypto coins and sustain the in-game economy.

The metaverse, when completed, will be a series of interconnected, synchronous, virtual universes where users can create any digital asset using NFTs and buy and sell through a self-sustaining crypto economy. Decentralized finance is at the heart of the metaverse, allowing users to make secure transactions freely and instantly without intermediaries. Users will be able to purchase all types of digital media NFTs, metaverse real estate, and even immersive digital experiences through the metaverse.


Investing today in decentralized finance projects like the metaverse, DEXs, and other Defi blockchain projects could prove highly rewarding in the long run. Join a crypto knowledge base like FTX to stay updated on the latest in the Defi space.


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