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How Spotify And Apple Music Adapt Oneself For Users Needs

The streaming industry has observed enormous growth in the recent past With more than 500 million music lovers all over the world. Numerous streaming platforms came up assisting artists in promoting their music. Spotify and Apple Music are extremely popular these days.

The perfectly designed and accumulated users platform allows us to grow a fanbase and promote music. One of the most effective promotional tools is Apple Music and Spotify Playlist Placement.

With this method, musicians will get more and more people to listen to and follow their music. It is a great opportunity to promote music and concurrently grow your audience.

How To Promote Your Music On Spotify and Apple Music?

The primary step to promoting your music is to get verified as an artist. It provides the artist with the path to managing profiles. Once you have been given the confirmation you can take complete control of your profile on Spotify.


A relevant tip here is that you can download the Spotify for Artists App from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This means you can promote your music even when on the go.

Submitting Your Songs To Spotify Playlists: Creating playlists is one of the best alternatives for music promotion Spotify and to get your music heard and gain more visibility. With Spotify, you have two choices either get your music featured on the Spotify playlist or create your own. The steps to get your music featured on the Spotify playlist are as follows;

  • Log in to your Spotify for Artists account.
  • Choose the song you would like to feature and provide as much information about them as possible.
  • Submit the unreleased music to the editorial team for consideration.

How to use Spotify Ad Studio?

Here are some important things one should keep in mind: submit your music at least seven days in advance. This would increase your chances of getting approved. Also, submitting a song is not a guarantee for it to be featured on the editorial playlist. At a time, only one song can be submitted per artist profile.

The rule remains the same even if you have multiple releases at the same time. In order to be featured in the playlist, it is required that you are listed as the main artist on the release. The song that gets to be featured on the playlist is completely at the editorial team’s discretion. Once the track from your release is chosen to be featured on the editorial playlist you cannot remove the track.

The duration for which it stays on the playlist depends upon the response from the audience. Lastly, getting featured on the editorial playlist is a completely free service and no external parties can influence the editors.


Spotify Ad Studio: As an artist, one should be aware that there is an ad studio that is offered by Spotify. It is a platform for the artists where they can create ad campaigns to promote their music. Such ads are generally played during the breaks in between two songs. Spotify offers flexible budgets to create these ads depending on how much you want to spend. The lowest customized budget for a Spotify ad campaign is $250. Making an ad on the Spotify ad studio is quite easy.

  • Share your script and Spotify will record the voiceover along with the background music.
  • While creating the ad campaign, you can pick your target audience based on age, location, gender, listening behavior, and music taste. You can also choose the medium on which you want your ad to run. The selection can be desktop, mobile or both, depending upon your target audience.
  • The last step is to set up your budget and the campaign dates. Once this is done the add is sent for review.

Sharing on Social Media: Spotify also allows artists to share their music on social media like Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to share on Facebook, simply open Spotify and find the music to be shared. Click on the share option in the drop-down menu and copy the link. Paste it in the status field, and delete the link once the 30-second preview appears. Now add a personal message and post it. You can similarly share the Spotify link on Twitter as well. When you share it on Twitter, a playable audio card is displayed. Spotify also allows you to embed a follow or a Spotify player button on the website to promote your music.

Buying Spotify Promotion: Other than the traditional techniques to promote music on the platform, one can also buy Spotify promotion online. There are many companies available online that provide some of the best Spotify promotion services. Conventional techniques take time to yield results. Buying Spotify promotion can give a quick boost to enhance the popularity of the music. Some of the Spotify promotion services that you can buy include;

Whatever services you wish to buy, ensure that you always choose a reliable and credible vendor.


A lot of buzzes have been created these days around music

streaming, for it has created a major impact. It has become one of the popular methods of listening to music worldwide. Hence, you must promote your music on such a platform as an artist. When it comes to streaming platforms, there is no better alternative than Spotify. It provides some of the best promotional tools that help in promoting music and increasing the fan base.

While using mentioned tools didn’t work rapidly, remember that changes need time. You need to keep calm and do the work properly. Otherwise, you can use assistance from reputable music promotion companies that could create a balanced promotion company and constantly look at how this company is performing. Wach you statistics in dynamic and deliver the best possible results. Don’t hesitate to use all your tools and don’t forget to have fun, because you deserve it.


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