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The Hidden Facts About How to Write an Essay

Writing essays, term papers, and other academic assignments is probably the least favorite thing among students of all ages. And it’s not exactly a surprise, since essays are not just about writing, but doing research, proofreading, editing, and using a specific style. In today’s day and age, where there are so many distractions to be had, completing an essay has become an art almost.

However, while writing essays is never easy, even if you know your way around a sentence, there are some not-so-well-known secrets that can help make it less of a chore. We have decided to put them together into one short list. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. You Need to Read a Lot

Essays require you to write using a very high level of English. With the amount of time today’s students spend on social media and instant culture in which they can get anything within moments, there is very little room left for reading. Reading helps you expand your vocabulary and view things from a different perspective. It also helps you think critically, which is a key skill for essay writing. Obviously, it’s not a short-term fix, but something that will pay off in the long run and make essay writing easier.


2. You Can Turn to Essay Writing Services for Help

With so much academic work to do, essays often get pushed back, until there is no more time to actually write them. This is why so many students turn to online writing services in order to buy argumentative essay or any kind of essay that they are required to turn in. These services hire professional writers which have relevant degrees and experience and are able to write a high-quality essay, even on a tight deadline. Depending on the urgency, they are also relatively affordable, which is why so many students turn to them for help.

3. Research Can Be Made Easier

Hidden Facts About How to Write an Essay

Usually, the most difficult aspect of writing an essay is all the research you need to do before you are able to start writing. Everything needs to be backed up by data and facts. In this case, you can also turn to a regular essay writing service or a master thesis writing service, depending on what level of writing you need. Their experts can do all the heavy-duty lifting for you when it comes to research, including finding the most relevant data and sources for your topic. That way, all that is left for you to do is write your essay using the information they have provided for you.


4. Create a Striking Title

Avoid giving your essay a generic title, as most students will do. For example, if you are writing an essay on how technology is affecting humanity and all the accompanying ethical dilemmas, don’t call it “Technology vs. Humanity: Ethical Dilemmas”.

Instead, try and come up with something more original, such as using a memorable quote that fits your topic, or something that is going to create a mental in the reader’s mind. Take for example a novel by Jack London titled The Iron Heel, which is actually a political novel written in the form of science fiction. You would never guess its contents, but it creates a striking image in your mind.

5. Start Your Essay with a Hook

After you have captured the attention of the reader with your title, you want to follow that up with an interesting hook that will keep the reader interested in finding out more. There are several things you can use as a hook. The most common ones are questions, quotes, or anecdotes. Anecdotes are great, just as long as they are interesting and relevant to your essay. You can also open with a controversial statement which you will then defend or disprove, or with an interesting piece of statistical data that is connected to the topic of your essay.

6. Write a Powerful Ending

After you have taken the reader on a journey with your essay, you need to end with something powerful. As in the case of the beginning of your essay, you can also finish things with a relevant quote that bolsters your argument or links back to the hook. You can also create powerful imagery as you did with your title. Finally, you can end things by asking a question, which can either be rhetorical or invite the reader to think hard and come up with their one take on the topic.



As you can see, writing an essay doesn’t always have to be a nightmare. We hope that you will find these hidden facts about essay writing help and that you will begin to implement them from now on. Keep writing and good luck!


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