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Hawks Mha Facts

My Hero Academia is a series in a world where 80% of people were born with superpowers called Quirks. It features many interesting characters, including Hawks, the Pro Hero. Here Hawks Mha facts here!

While manga readers have known Hawks for some time, the anime-only fanbase has only been around for a short time and may not be familiar with much about him beyond the essentials. There are many things that even My Hero Academia’s most avid fans don’t know about Hawks. Here are some.

10. He holds the record for being the youngest Top 10 Pro Hero.

Hawks is one the most ambitious Pro Heroes around. His mantra may as well be “out with the old and in with what’s new.” At just 18 years of age, Hawks started his hero agency and made his debut on the Pro Hero Billboard Chart. He’s now at the #2 spot, behind Endeavor, a few years later.

Although he still has a lot of work to do to be #1, his speed is impressive, and he may consider the #1 spot a small step towards his ultimate goal.

9. He’s a Capricorn

Hawks was born on December 28th. This makes his astrological sign Capricorn.

Hawks aren’t a Capricorn. He’s not as severe or as committed as the Pro Heroes. He prefers to break the cycle create his traditions rather than following the same path.

8. He is a B blood type.

Hawks is a B blood type. Although this may seem unnecessary or extraneous information to Horikoshi, it is a popular theory in Japan that one’s blood type could be indicative of their personality traits.

People with the B blood type, for instance, are creative and free-thinking people who don’t mind expressing their opinions or going their own route. Hawks is an excellent example of these traits.

7. He is the Most Highly-Ranked Pro Hero, Who Wasn’t A U.A. Student

Hawks was not raised commonly, but he did get his big break when he used his powers as a child to avoid a car accident.

Instead of sending Hawks to U.A., Hero Public Safety Commission trained him. This was partially why Hawks rose to the top of their ranks after becoming a Pro Hero.

6. Chicken is his favorite food.

Many My Hero Academia characters have favorite foods. Deku and Todoroki like cold Soba. Hawks prefer Katsudon.

This is most likely a reference to his bird-like qualities. Some birds like falcons have been known to eat other birds. However, hawks (the birds) usually eat smaller mammals such as mice and rabbits.

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5. He also voices another MHA character through his English voice actor

Zeno Robinson is the voice of Hawks in My Hero Academia’s English dub. He also voices another character, the deadly Yakuza Deidoro Saaki, who was one of the Eight Bullets for Shie Hassaikai.

Deidoro’s Quirk Sloshed causes others around him to act drunkenly, stumble around, and lose their sense of balance.

4. From an early age, he was a fan of Endeavor.

Hawks is an Endeavor fan and has been since childhood. This is mentioned many times in the manga and visually referenced when he holds an Endeavor action figure as a child.

Hawks is a Pro Hero peer, and his desire to make a difference can sometimes lead him to be a little disrespectful of the #1 hero.

3. His design is based on one of Horikoshi’s older characters.

Mangaka Kohei HORIKOSH had a series called Oumagadoki Zoo before My Hero Academia. It was about a teenager who volunteers at a zoo to help animals. But she soon discovers that the zoo she chose is not typical.

Many characters from Oumagadoki Zoological Park were given roles or cameos in My Hero Academia. This included Pro Heroes such as Uwabami, Gang Orca, and Gang Orca. Although Hawks was not directly lifted from the previous series, his design was heavily inspired by Takahiro (a white-tailed eagle) who appeared in Oumagadoki Zoo.

2. He is The Series’ Second Most Popular Pro Hero

Weekly, Shonen Jump conduct popularity polls in Japan and the U.S. every year to find out which characters are the most loved.

Hawks ranked highly in the 2019 edition, despite characters like Bakugo or Midoriya often finishing on top. Fan-favorite Eraserhead was the only Pro Hero that ranked higher than him.

1. His Backstory Is Based on The Life of Lionel Messi

An interview with series editor Yoritomo has been published on the Honyasan mobile app to celebrate the 5th anniversary of My Hero Academia.

Yoritomo said that Hawks’ backstory was his idea. He learned about Lionel Messi’s childhood from the World Cup and shared it with Horikoshi, who then developed Hawks.

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