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Gushers Nutrition Facts

No food item is more associated with school than Fruit Gushers, and ’90s children across the globe can remember them as their primary tool for trading lunches. Children today may be giddy to crack open a bag when they find the contents of a bag under their lunchbox. They are classic and tasty, but what is it? Are they sweet treats or simply fruit-based snacks? Are they healthy, or are they simply fun? Lets check out Gushers Nutrition Facts.

If you are thinking of snacks made of fruit, you might be thinking of the leathery dehydrated slabs that you are likely to find at your local co-op, which iscomprises only one ingredient: fruits (via You might also imagine the endless array of items in the cereal aisle at the grocery shop, like the character-shaped fruit snacks, which are delicious, sweet, and convenient. You’re probably not thinking of the term “candy,” though you might want to.

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Gushers Nutrition Facts

Fruit Gushers are chock full of flavor.

If you’ve not had a Fruit Gusher, they are tiny chews that look like jewels and are packed with sweet liquid that flows into your mouth as you chew on one. Since introducing the kid’s favorite Fruit Gusher, a variety of new flavors have come out. Scary Cherry, Tropical Freak Out, and Strawberry Splash are a few notable fan favorites. And today, you can get Tropical or Sweet and Fiery as well (via General Mills). They usually come in packs of 80 calories with Gushers and contain nine grams of sugar in each package (via Target). Still, those who are awed by these snacks often prefer to take more than one package at a time (via Snack History).

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Fruit Gushers even come with the option of a sour version in case you’re looking for something different and exciting. Reviews on the internet are generally favorable in terms of taste, and, according to reports, it packs enough sour flavors (via MunchPak).

Fruit Gushers Mysterious Flavor

Fruit Gushers continuously pumps out new flavor packs, and reviews for each one are completely diverse. So which flavor should you go for the next time? You can get Galactic Gushers Mystery flavor in the latter half of 2019 and into 2020 at certain stores. And, of course, the ethereal appeal surrounding the limited-edition flavor received lots of interest.

The packs included 80 calories each and included the Berry Star Cluster flavor, an Asteroid Apple variety, and an unknown flavor, also known as “Unidentified flavor Object” (aka UFO for short, but of course). Those purple UFOs were certainly mysterious and difficult to figure out since, according to one food blogger said, the taste of each was just slightly different from the flavor she’d tried previously (via The Impulsive Purchase).

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Gushers are now healthier.

General Mills is responsible for the creation of small niggling bits of entertainment. However, it’s not always an enjoyable experience at General Mills. As of 2005, General Mills was afflicted with action from those who claimed that the business had misled consumers into believing the products they sold were healthier when they were. They claimed Fruit Gushers and similar products offered by the company contained harmful ingredients and contained very little fruit (via the Top Class Acts).

It’s apparent that Fruit Gushers lean more toward the sweet side of the spectrum rather than the healthier side; however, the company did take note of the concerns of consumers, and in the year 2015, General Mills decided to remove artificial colors from its snack foods made of fruit (that includes Fruit Gushers). In 2017 General Mills was believed to have gotten rid of all of its products this way; however, they’re still with sugar. For example, their tropical flavor contains sugar, corn syrup, and dried corn syrup as their first three main ingredients (via Target).

We can now eat these delicious snacks with some less guilt; however, as with all things sweet is likely to be a good idea to do it in moderation.

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