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GTA 5 Strange Facts | Why GTA 5 Doesn’t Have Kids?

The highly-popular action-adventure game series Grand Theft Auto is packed with Easter eggs and other trivia that will surprise you. It’s the fifth most-sold video game franchise in history, that’s not an simple task. It’s also among some of the biggest video game brands of all time. Read GTA 5 Strange Facts and Why GTA 5 Doesn’t Have Kids? 

Rockstar Games, the creator company, is famous for its hidden details as well as references and secrets to every single one of the GTA games. If you’re one of those who love Grand Theft Auto and would like to learn more interesting information about the series Then this list is perfect for you!

The most interesting facts concerning Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Check out some fascinating details concerning GTA on this page.

  1. The huge maps of GTA V is actually double the size of the real-life Manhattan.
  2. The dialogue line is 80,000 within GTA IV.
  3. The game GTA V, when you go in the water your clothes will get wet until that you actually enter the water. The remainder of the area is dry.
  4. San Andreas’ characters Ryder and OG Loc are modeled after rappers Eazy-E and Ja Rule respectively.
  5. The 3D universe when you shoot at the moon using an sniper rifle, the moon’s size changes and increase in size with each shot. Once its size has been maxed to its limit, the moon will be returned to its original size.
  6. GTA was born. GTA series was developed because of a glitch in another game called Race’n’Chase. In the first game of cops and robbers, glitches caused the police cars to chase criminals off the roads. Testers were thrilled therefore the developers paid attention to this behaviour and tweaked the game.
  7. The game GTA V, if you modify your car with the money Random NPCs will be awestruck by the car and snap pictures.
  8. Steve Ogg, the actor who played Trevor recorded a few of his scenes wearing underwear so that he could remain in his character. Technique acting at its finest.
  9. The game GTA V, after your character has been discharged of the hospital they’ll remain with bruises and cuts throughout their bodies.
  10. There’s a chance to see an odd car that appears out of thin air and being followed by a car in the forest at night within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There’s no one driving it also! It’s because Rockstar creates the car to get you out of the forest if there’s no vehicle.
  11. Flip-flops don’t stick to your foot , they fall off when you put them on inside GTA V.
  12. Don’t snap a photo of a street performer from GTA V without tipping them since if you do they’ll be angry.
  13. The story of GTA Vice City Stories, you’re able to rescue Phil Collins from a killer. The first celebrity from real life to play himself in this series.
  14. Grand Theft Auto V recovered its money by allowing pre-orders.
  15. Michael moves his body toward someone who is talking from his side. This is due to Ned Luke, the voice and motion capture actor is deaf in his right ear.
  16. The characters of different personalities rest for different amounts of time based on their personal habits. Trevor rests 12 hours. Franklin is asleep for eight hours, and Michael rests for 6 hours.
  17. Young Maylay, the voice actor for CJ on San Andreas, is a cousin of Shawn Fonteno, who voiced Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V.
  18. The character of GTA IV’s Niko Bellic is based off Niko Bellic, the main Niko Bellic is based on the character Sasha in the movie Behind Enemy Lines.
  19. The game GTA V, if you’re using your phone while driving and you’re talking on the phone, you’ll not be able to adjust your headlights since your hands are working.
  20. In the process of switching the radio station within Vice City, you can hear bits of Grand Theft Auto III radio stations hidden within the radio search background noise.
  21. The main character from GTA III does not say any words throughout the entirety of the game.
  22. Voice actors auditioned for their role on GTA IV, they were informed that they were being auditioned for a fake game called “Frozen”.
  23. Grand Theft Auto IV is the first GTA game that features real-time physics for ragdolls, realistic water dynamics as well as dynamic lighting, realistic object physics , and real-time NPC/World interaction.
  24. Within GTA V, the sound the shoes make when you walk will signal that they’re wet. Once they dry the sound made by the wet ones will cease.
  25. If you cut your hair or have a beard, the hair will gradually grow back (GTA V).
  26. Are you unhappy with the sound of your phone? It is possible to change the settings so that it vibrates whenever you get a message (GTA V).
  27. The game GTA III, you will see a variety of newspapers in the streets. The most popular news item about them is ‘Zombie Elvis Finds The black and white photograph from Elvis Presley.
  28. In the story fashion In the story mode of GTA V, when you visit the home of Lester Crest you’ll see a photo of the Illuminati.
  29. If you are following female NPCs, they’ll be nervous and start looking at their shoulders. If you continue to do this the NPCs will begin moving more quickly (GTA V).
  30. Within GTA V, if your characters exercise or run for a long time the sweat will show up on their clothes.

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Why GTA 5 Doesn’t Have Kids? 9 Reasons!

Rockstar Games, as we all are familiar with them, for some reason, don’t offer one child character in their games. This is also the case about GTA 5. The reason GTA 5 does not have kids is a fascinating subject since it allows for endless discussions. Yet, it is impossible to conclusively answer this question.

There is no official declaration from Rockstar games, I’ve collected a variety of theories offered by players on different platforms.

GTA allows cheating for PC or PS3 and a variety of other platforms. Why do they not help kids?

I considered it fascinating to look through some forums and in my head to look up several valid reasons.

I’m confident that I’ll be able to guarantee the following thing!

Some of the ideas I’ll write down could be intriguing enough to make you attracted to talk about these ideas with your friends.

So, let’s take a look one at a time.

Let’s look at the reasons why.

1.) Killing Kids may not be something Rockstar games wish to portray in their games.

In such a vast open world You can play from anything.

The theft of cars, mass murdering people as well as supplying drugs, or even consuming them are all examples of the GTA franchise’s darker aspect.

If you’re allowed to kill or abuse children in a public place that want to play is not something that any game company will want to showcase.

Therefore, this could be considered by Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games. They are aware of what they can show their massive multi-age audience.

2) Kids are Superheros

Ellie the last of us 2

Take a moment to think about it for a moment. In the majority of games, or all of them, the children’s characters are:

A) Inactive or

B) are superheroes/main protagonists

I have my own shards of evidence to support my argument here. Games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and The Walking Dead demonstrate my assertion. The stories, however let them be the main characters.

The children in all of these games eventually made their way to greatness.

The Last of Us 2 is another instance. The entire storyline was designed to ensure the Ellie and Dina are the protagonists in the majority in the story. It is evident through all cutscenes and interactions Dina and Ellie experienced.

3) Life in Los Santos

The life within Los Santos is toxic, not actually, but this is the way it’s presented in games. There are many kinds of criminal gangs and illicit actions that take place within the city.

The city is controlled by wealthy individuals or by politicians. This results in GTA 5 a very dark city to reside in. There’s a price for everything here as well as humanity.

To make matters worse You are involved in all of these. Your character could commit murder, take drugs and go to an infamous strip club, making Los Santos not a good choice for children.

Thus, I’m sure every parent has taken their children away from the City to ensure a better future. This is a convincing argument to show that there aren’t many kids living in GTA 5.

Since Los Santos is a land filled with drunk Mafias and psychopaths

. Take Trevor as an example.

4) Kids are Playing Indoor Video Games

This is quite a humorous Theory. I came across it on the forum.

It could be funny It may seem funny, but it’s a factor to think about. The creator of this theory stated that the video game was being advertised by the city of Vice city.

The conclusion is that kids are playing indoors and engaging in video game play. In the end, this is main reason there isn’t a single kid playing in GTA V.

My view is that this isn’t an extremely solid theory.

So, why is it that everyone is playing the same game on video every day?

No one is questioning these?

If this is the case, I’d like to go on a journey to Los Santos, where no one is a nuisance to the players.

Five) Children are staying in an unidentified Hostel

This theory suggests that all youngsters have left home to complete their education. This is due to the fact that there aren’t any universities or schools in the GTA 5 map.

Then, they went away and will return once they have completed their education and are looking for work opportunities.

This would be the most satisfying explanation for the reason GTA V is not having children.

Another issue is “Why are there no schools in GTA 5”?

If you consider the absence of schools within Los Santos, you can visualize the dark side of Los Santos’ liveliness.

6) The kids have been on an excursion

Another reason that is solid is the fact that children have all been on a trip together. While it can be difficult to process, it’s isn’t a bad reason.

What do you think of this?

Let me know in the comments below.

7) Bad Influence on Kids

If you have children are you willing to let them to play games similar to GTA 5?

The answer is probably no!

A child watching another playing with his activity could adversely affect the child’s perception.

Children may believe that it’s completely normal for children to be victimized. It’s too excessive. But, it’s what it is.

8) Illegal Activities

GTA V social club

A child who murders or is bullied by cops or street people could create a thought in the brain of a young child about similar actions.

When children are young, they might do this as everything is fascinating and easy as we grow older.

People who do not respect human beings, or getting involved in violence, or damaging property can appear cool at a young age.

However, we are all aware of that there is a difference between the worlds.

Therefore, there are no kids playing around in GTA V.

9) No sense

There is no reason to having children. What will they be doing during this game. Children are not part of the game’s sphere of influence.

What are you expecting them to do?


This is a reasonable conclusion that is the reason for the absence of kids playing the game.


In sum, we uncovered the top nine reasons that are the reason for the absence of children GTA 5. GTA 5.

Certain of the information was logical However, others were not enough solid to trust them.

We are, however in a state of confusion on this issue. We’re not sure why these kids not children.

Let me know via the comments what you think about this subject.

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