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Goldfish Nutrition Facts | The Healthy Snack!!

The first time they were introduced through Pepperidge Farm in 1962, the cheese crackers with a fish design have been through the ages. Perhaps due to their long-lasting nature Goldfish Crackers have gained an enviable reputation as a healthy snack. Read more about Goldfish nutrition facts here!

The packaging, with the words “Baked With 100% Real Cheese” and “No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives,” adds to that perception. But how healthy are Goldfish actually? Let’s take a review of their nutritional facts to determine the health of the long-running lunchbox staple.

Let’s begin by looking at the Goldfish Cheddar Baked Crunchers, Goldfish’s most loved variety.

Goldfish Nutrition Facts!!

One serving (which is approximately 55 crackers) comprises:

  • 140 calories
  • Five grams of fat
  • 1 Gram of saturated fat
  • 250mg sodium
  • 20 grams of total carbohydrate
  • 1 gram of fiber from dietary sources
  • 3.0 grams of protein

On the surface the nutrition facts seem quite good. The fat content of 5 grams appears to be a bit alarming at first However, just one Gram of that is saturated fat (about 50% is monounsaturated fat, and cheddar cheese is a great food source). 140 calories per serving is acceptable, and the fact that there is there is no added sugar, which is an absolute positive. These facts alone are what make Goldfish an excellent choice over any of our 21 grotesque Snacks for athletes.

But the fact that Goldfish are healthier than most junk food products doesn’t suggest they’re healthier. Their lack of fiber could be my main issue. A snack that is packed with fiber and/or high in protein can offer many advantages over one that isn’t.

Fiber aids in breaking down food to aid digestion, and helps maintain good digestion it lowers cholesterol levels and can help you feel fuller longer. A diet high in fiber has been associated with positive outcomes like a lower risk of developing diabetes or heart disease as well as weight gain. In the short-term eating foods rich in fiber can keep you feeling fuller longer and can help you avoid crashes.

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In the long-term it can reduce your chances of contracting major illnesses as well as promotes healthy digestive health, and may aid in maintaining an ideal weight. It is recommended by the Institute of Medicine recommends 38 grams of fiber a day for people 50 years or less and 25 grams a day for women 50 and younger. If you’re seeking a snack that will keep you fuller longer it is essential to have fiber in your diet. At just 1 grams of fiber per portion, Goldfish don’t quite fit the bill.

Protein is a vital nutrition for athletes and humans especially. Protein that is of high quality provides the amino acids that muscles require to repair and build which allows athletes to recover from their exercise and build strength as time passes. The body also uses protein to provide energy. It is also important in the case of snacks, foods high in protein can increase filling and reduce the temptation to overeat. Three grams per portion isn’t too bad, however, it’s not enough to count as a total “plus” for Goldfish.

As with most crackers, Goldfish are also lightweight and airy. A cup of chopped banana weighs almost five times the weight of an entire serving of Goldfish and yet has 35 calories less and two grams more of fiber. In terms of satiety the weight of your food is important.

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Harrison Jones
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