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Gin Nutrition Facts | Is Gin Healthy For You?

Julia Child, who lived until the age of 91 was asked what her secret to longevity was. She replied “Red meat, gin” and while we cannot recommend that you chase your steak and chips with seven glasses every night, it is possible to have a good time with gin. Read more Gin nutrition facts here!

With over 10 million Gin bottles being purchased in the UK alone, it’s clear that there is a Gin-aissance happening right now. Many are asking if the beloved British spirit has any health benefits, much like the old question “Is wine good for me?”

Jackie Lynch, a nutritionist, says that moderate alcohol consumption may help to reduce your risk of heart attack. This refers to one glass of alcohol per day. Studies have shown that the risk of developing cardiovascular disease dramatically increases if you consume three glasses per day. It could be a big difference to learn how to ask for one and not two glasses of water per day.

Moderation will not only help prevent a hangover but it may also mean you don’t have to stop drinking alcohol altogether.

Gin Nutrition Facts

Although it might not be the best hay fever treatment, Asthma UK suggests that switching to gin during the summer months can help soothe your symptoms.

Drinks like cider and beer have higher levels of histamines due to fermentation. This can make hay fever symptoms worse. Clear spirits such as gin can help to curb them. Although it isn’t a miracle cure for hay fever…

It is low in calories

People who are trying to lose weight stop drinking alcohol because of its high calories. Gin is one of the most low-calorie spirits, at only 97 calories per drink.

You can add it to a low-calorie mixer, such as diet lemonade and tonic water. This will still give you a lower total than what you would get with an average glass of wine (160 cals) or pint (208 cals).

And relatively low in sugar

Jackie says that gin contains very little sugar, making it an excellent choice for weight loss, especially if you choose the right mixer, as she explains in her book The Right Bite. You get it. Gin is tick, but sugary fizzy drinks are no.

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It prevents wrinkles

Gin’s main ingredient is juniperberries. These are full of antioxidants. They can also help promote healthy skin. This means regular consumption of cocktails could theoretically lead to smoother, more youthful skin.

It reduces the risk of bloating

The natural diuretic properties of Juniper berries are also attributed to them. And, double whammy! Gin’s herbs can be used to aid digestion. If alcohol causes you to feel bloated, switching to Gin will help you have a flatter stomach and reduce your bloating.

To get the best out of gin and tonic, there is a special way to do it.

It is the best drink for diabetics

In 2008, research published in the Journal of Diabetes Nursing looked at the best drinks to drink for type 1 diabetics. Guess what? The results showed that tonic and gin were the safest drinks for type 1 diabetes patients.

You should consult a doctor if you have concerns about your alcohol intake or are diabetic. However, it may be helpful to bring this little nugget to your appointment.

It reduces pain in the joints

Aside from its many other benefits, juniper is also a traditional remedy for pain associated with conditions such as arthritis and rheumetism. Although Bombay Sapphire is not a substitute for medication, there are some who believe that gin-soaked raisins can help reduce inflammation.

It will help you live longer

One study showed that moderate consumption of alcohol can reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, or cataracts. Gin (yes, again) also contains flavonoids which are known to strengthen your veins and prevent blocked arteries.

Gin can be a great way to extend your life expectancy.

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