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10 Delicious Skittles Facts!! Know What You Are Eating!!

If Skittles were one of your top candy choices when you were a kid (also today), You probably have a few knowledge points about the candy. As an example, green apple is by far the best flavour, but the Wild Berry version sucked, and the texture of Sour Skittles is seriously trippy. Explore more fun Skittles facts!!

When you think of sweets, Skittles may be one of the first items to visualize. But more than that, do you know about this sweet and tart candy? Before you can taste the rainbow, Here are a few things you need to be aware of.

Being the most popular non-chocolate candy worldwide, It is only natural that Skittles should be a standard confectionery. But how much do you know about these sweet treats? Find out the most intriguing facts about this brand, allowing you to experience the rainbow in this Skittles infographic.

Fun Skittles Facts

1. Skittles Originated In Britain

While you might believe that they’re an American Candy, Skittles were available only within Britain in the last five years before arriving in North America in 1979. My entire experience with the candy is an outright lie to me at the moment.

2. No One Knows Who Invented Them

With a sweet that is so amazing, it’s hard not to acknowledge credit when credit is due. However, no one knows the person who created the candy. There is speculation that Wrigley or a different British firm invented Skittles; however, our personal most preferred idea is that a man called Mr Skittles looked at a rainbow and wondered what it might taste. We’ll just go through that theory.

3. The Original Flavors Were Sparse

Skittles were initially only available in a couple of core flavours: grape, Orange lemon, strawberry and lime. Wait–no green apple?!

4. The Slogan Is Legit

If you think you’ve had “Taste the Rainbow” burnout in the past, there’s a good reason. The campaign was launched in 1994 and is an of the longest-running commercial campaigns of all time. NBD.

5. They’re Not Just Skittles Anymore

From 2000 onwards, Skittles has been branching out into an array of brand new and exciting products. The range includes Sour Skittles and Skittles Bubble Gum, smoothie mix, and even collabs with Skittles Slurpees. There’s an entirely new universe of Skittles products to be found.

6. They’re Vegan-Friendly

Since 2009 Skittles modified the gelatine used in the recipe to free it of animal products. This means they’re healthy food, aren’t they?

7. Skittles Are The Second Most Popular Candy In America

In the end, you’ll lose the top spot to Starbursts. It’s okay; you won’t beat them all.

8. The Candy Is Crazy Popular On Facebook

Seriously. Skittles has more than 25 million followers, which makes it among the most popular brands on Facebook. You can take that, Starbursts.

9. Any Skittle That’s Missing The “S” Gets Destroyed

There’s a reason that you’ll never find a Skittle without its distinctive “S.” That’s because when it’s not there, the candies won’t go in the bags. Every Skittle features the “S” on it as part of the company’s quality control system. They go through the manufacturing line and are then scanned to ensure that they all have the same number on their shell.

10. The Next Big Flavor Release is Yogurt Covered Skittles

We know that over the past decade or the past few years, Skittles has created some fresh and innovative innovations. There’s sweet Skittles and tropical orchard black, wildberry and many more. This is just a small sample of the flavours you could purchase. We’ve got exciting news to share with you. Skittles will soon release yogurt-coated Skittles, which will be called Skittles Dips. Based on what we’ve learned, the bags will have the original colors of red, yellow, green and purple colors, encased in a yogurt coating. Like yogurt-coated raisins, but much better (and sweeter).

Wrapping Up:

Skittles Slogan is “Taste The Rainbow”. It’s a catchy phrase and one that triggers many in terms of sensations when you hear that phrase.

I hope you enjoyed these amazing skittles facts about us! Don’t forget to check out the article on candy facts!!

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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