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10 Fun Facts About New Years

People love to party at New year’s Eve celebrations. A joyful beginning in the new year can bring the hope of a prosperous all year round.
But there are a lot of fun facts and interesting facts about New Year celebrations that you do not know about.

Before you begin planning your New Year celebration this year and anticipate welcoming 2016 with all your heart, we share with you some of the most interesting details about this important day.

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  1. The very first New Year was celebrated 4,000 years ago by those who were ancient Babylonians. Actually, Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome, first declared January 1 as a National holiday. He named the month in honor of Janus, one of the Roman gods of gates and doors.
  2. It’s a tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends since the first person you meet could bring you a fortune or bad luck. Therefore, ensure you keep your friends close while keeping enemies far away.
  3. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics, more cars are taken away during New Year’s Day than any other holiday.
  4. The town of Sydney in Australia is the largest celebration of the New Year, as more than 80,000 fireworks are set on fire from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Other than Sydney, the top three cities to enjoy New Year’s Eve are Las Vegas, Disney World, and, obviously, New York City.
  5. In Italy, it is customary for people to wear the red color of their underwear for New Year’s Day to bring luck throughout the year.
  6. Then, in Colombia, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, Some families in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Colombia have dolls named”Mr. Old Year ” filled with memories from the previous year. The doll is also dressed in clothing that is from the year before. In the evening, he’s burned to the ground, melting away any bad memories.
  7. It’s considered to be a blessing to eat things like black-eyed peas and ham, as well as cabbage since it is believed they will bring luck. Avoid eating seafood or chicken if you’d like a wonderful new year. Lobsters can move backward, and chickens may scratch backward, and it is believed that these food items can bring about a change in fortune.
  8. In the early days of Rome, it was believed that the new year began on March 1.
  9. The most well-known New Song of the New Year, “Auld Lang Syne,” is a reference to “times past” and was composed by the poet Robert Burns in 1788
  10. The most popular resolutions are to shed weight, eat better and exercise more, quit smoking, adhere to the budget, cut back on expenses and get organized, be more patient, locate the best job, and simply be a better person overall.

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Harrison Jones
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