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Israel celebrates its birthday on the 23rd of September, so it’s an excellent chance to find out some FUN FACTS ABOUT ISRAEL below.

Let’s get started.

  1. Israel is the one nation to have more trees than it did 50 years ago.
  2. Israel is home to more museums per habitant than any other country except for the world’s only underwater museum.
  3. The technology for voicemail was developed in Israel.
  4. The IDF is an innovator in rescuing people caught in natural or man-made catastrophes. In the event of very short notice, the search and rescue team has been operating in various countries (including Mexico, Kenya, India, Turkey, and the U.S.) following earthquakes or train accidents, buildings that collapsed or terrorist strikes.
  5. Israel is the only theater company made entirely of blind and deaf actors.
  6. The average life is expected to last in Israel is one of the highest in the world, at 82 years.
  7. Cafés and coffee shops are so popular and delicious in Israel and it’s also the one country in which Starbucks has failed to enter the market. (shocking right???)
  8. Based on a per-capita scale, Israel tops the list of nations for the annual publication of scientific research papers.
  9. In the first instance, Israel 2011 the bus-stop mini-libraries, which offer books for gratis, have inspired similar initiatives in other countries.
  10. Two professors from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University created the first cherry tomatoes.
  11. Beersheba situated in the Israeli Negev desert is home to the highest number of grandmasters of chess than any other city in the world.
  12. The year 2012 was when Israel is the only nation to ban the use of overweight models at fashion shows.
  13. An Israeli startup invented a non-touch radioactive device, Babysense that can prevent infant deaths by monitoring the baby’s breathing patterns and movements while asleep.
  14. Israel has the world’s top percentage of university degrees per capita.
  15. Israel created the technology that made possible the first cell phone.
  16. The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem is the oldest continuously used cemetery.
  17. Two Israelis at Tel Aviv University invented an “Anti-Date Rape Straw” that detects two of the most popular drugs used in rape put in drinks, and warns potential victims.
  18. An Israeli company has developed the first ingestion-able video camera which helps doctors identify cancer and digestive issues.
  19. Israel has the highest rate of in-vitro fertilization than any other country and it’s completely free.
  20. The most popular mobile mapping app, Waze, was developed in Israel. Google bought the GPS-based navigation application in 2013 for $1.3 billion.
  21. Passengers of the Israeli national carrier El Al clap for the pilots as their flights land in Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.
  22. Despite the harsh living conditions they have to endure many studies have placed Israelis as among the most contented people of Western nations
  23. The bus station that is the biggest central one in the Middle East is located in Tel Aviv, Israel
  24. More than a million pounds of hummus is consumed in Israel each year
  25. Israel is among the three countries around the globe which don’t have a constitution.
  26. If you mail an email addressed to God the letter is sent to Israel and placed on the western wall. Every year over one million coins are deposited on the wall’s western side.
  27. Israel is not just the lowest elevation on earth (the Dead Sea) and the world’s smallest freshwater reservoir, which is the Galilei Sea.
  28. The tiniest desert in the world is situated in Israel the Judean desert
  29. Israel is one of the nine countries that are members of the International Space Club and is capable of launching space satellites
  30. Each year more than half a billion migratory birds cross Israel during the spring and autumn. this is a record for the world.
  31. Israel is the third-largest country in the world that consumes chocolate per capita.
  32. Israel is the sole nation in the world to have been able to revive a dying language and make it an official language.
  33. Israelis consume more vegetables and fruits in their total population than any other country.
  34. 5 of the 7 natural craters around the globe are in Israel
  35. In Israel the number of books translated into local languages than any other language or nation around the globe relative to the number of people living there.

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