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15 Fun Facts About Ice Cream

Do you enjoy ice cream as we do? If you’re unable to go an entire day, week, or even month without enjoying the wonderful taste of ice cream, then we’re sure you know how we are feeling. Although you might be an expert in eating ice cream, did you know there are some interesting facts about ice cream?

We’ve uncovered some interesting information about ice cream you haven’t previously heard about. If you’re looking to impress your family and friends with your knowledge of the infamous sweet snack, take a look at the fascinating facts below!

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  1. It requires approximately 12 pounds worth of milk to create only 1 gallon of Ice cream.
  2. The most common amount of licks required to complete an ice cream scoop is 50.
  3. The nation that consumes the most Ice cream is the USA, Australia, and Norway.
  4. The most well-known flavor is vanilla, followed by chocolate.
  5. Chocolate Ice Cream was invented prior to vanilla.
  6. Vanilla was rare and unusual in the late 1700s.
  7. Ice cream served in America during the 1700s was scarce and was enjoyed by the wealthy.
  8. The first ice cream recipe written down was discovered in a cookbook of recipes from 1665.
  9. Ice cream manufacturing in the U.S. started in 1851.
  10. Most Americans, about 90% – keep frozen ice cream.
  11. Some of the most bizarre tastes are: garlic, avocado chili, licorice Stilton cheese, bacon and
  12. Ice cream headaches, also known as “brain freezing,” is the result of nerve endings that line the mouth’s roof, transmitting a signal to your brain regarding losing heat.
  13. The tallest cone of ice cream was more than 9 feet high in Italy.
  14. The average American consumes 45.8 pounds of frozen ice cream per year.
  15. Chocolate syrup is one of the most well-known toppings for ice cream.
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Harrison Jones
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