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Fun Facts About England

England, with an estimated population of 59 million, has a land border between Wales as well as Scotland. Also, it is separated from the continent of Europe via its North Sea and the English Channel.

England is where I’ve lived for the past ten years. In this blog, I’ll share some fun facts about England that will help you learn more about English food, culture, and people.

1. England is a nation in the UK.

You probably know this that you already know, but when I travel to various destinations, I’ve observed that people from other countries mention England when discussing what is known as the United Kingdom, but England is just one of the four countries within the United Kingdom. England is the Cross of St. George with white background. In a later blog, I will discuss more details about the UK and the nations it is a part of.

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2. A queue jump could be illegal

Queuing is a major part of British culture, and it’s uncommon to see people jumping in a line. We’ve all heard that queue jumping is rude. However, it’s illegal in one area in England, that is the London’s Transport machine for tickets. If you are caught jumping the line to purchase a ticket, you could be fined up to PS1000.

3. England was the first to fight the most tiniest war in history.

The Anglo-Zanzibar War is one of the most brief wars in history. The conflict began at 9 am on 27 August 1896 when five vessels from the Royal Navy attacked Zanzibar’s Royal Palace. The battle ran for 38 to 45 minutes, until the white flag of being raised to surrender. In the short conflict, 500 citizens of Zanzibar lost their lives while only one British Marine was wounded.

4. The rolling of cheese in England.

Cheese rolling is among the oddest sports to be played each year in Gloucestershire, located in west England, in the spring. In this event, a round of 8 pounds made of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled from the top of the hill, and the participants follow it all the way to the bottom. They must take the cheese down, but it’s a bit difficult, and the person who gets to the finish line first will win the cheese.

5. England generally is flat

A large portion of England has flat land, with the flattest areas in the south. There are mountains to the north, but none of the mountains are less than 1000m in altitude. The highest point in England can be found at Scafell Pike in Lake District National Park with an elevation of 978 meters over sea level.

6. England is the home of a number of famous scientists.

England has some of the top universities around the world, such Oxford as well as Cambridge. Numerous famous scientists, politicians and novelists from around the world have attended the universities of this country. In addition, England is the birthplace of numerous scientists who made a significant impact on the world. To name a few:

Isaac Newton, who discovered the law of gravity and invented calculus.

Charles Darwin: the geologist and biologist renowned for his contribution to the field of evolution.

Last but not least: Stephen Hawking, one of the most renowned scientists of the 20th century.

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7. Indian food, known as the National Indian dish, comes from an Indian food item.

While there are many traditional meals in England like Yorkshire Pudding, Fish and Chips, and Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Tikka Masala is considered to be the nation’s most popular dish despite the fact that the origin of the food in India.

8. No sockets for plugs in the bathrooms.

There isn’t any bath in England or the UK that has plug sockets. Due to regulations regarding health and safety, sockets aren’t permitted in shower rooms or bathrooms except if they are installed at least three meters away from the bath, sink or shower.

9. The Queen is not permitted to speak in the House of Commons.

There is no British monarch is permitted to enter the House of Commons, which is the UK parliament. The rule was in place since 1642 when King Charles I stormed into the House of Commons to arrest five members. The plan failed and the monarch was barred from entering parliament.

10. You can’t get drunk in English pubs.

British are known because of their pub-based culture. Pubs are the center of local communities. They can be a great place to hang out and drink. However, it is not permissible to drink alcohol in these establishments, it’s unlawful.

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