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15 Fun facts about Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the most famous British pop stars of all time; however, how much do we know about this charmingly romantic pop singer? Here are 15 fascinating details about the singer!

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15 Fun facts about Ed Sheeran

1. Ed’s first guitar came as given to him by his uncle.

Ed first started playing the guitar through self-teaching before he went on to receive proper music instruction.

2. Ed’s first tattoo was the paw print on his left arm!

Ed confessed to having the tattoo done on his paw when he was 18. However, he says the tattoo isn’t of any significance.

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3. Ed performed his first show at the age of 11!

Ed’s first performance was in the Eric Clapton song ‘Layla’ in a school concert supported by a pal playing the piano.

4. He has named his guitars!

Ed’s axes are known by Lloyd, Felix, Cyril and Nigel. Why? He names them after the people who are part of his team. Isn’t that sweet?

5. His favourite board game is Monopoly!

We think playing Monopoly with Ed at Christmas could be a lot of fun.

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6. There is a cat named Bellini

Ed owns a cat named Bellini, and she has a ginger coat! It’s the ideal animal for Ed.

7. His followers are referred to as Sheerios!

Like the cereal geddit?

8. He put down his cellphone?!

The singer was doing this for the whole year to allow himself an unwind from social media to travel and experience peace. It’s probably why his songs are sweet – a great concept, Ed!

9. His favourite snack is Oreo Cookies

We’re not sure if Ed divides the cookie and licks it or simply gulps all of it in one sitting. We know that Ed cannot live without his most loved American cookie.

10. He loves a little bit of LEGO!

In his spare moments, Ed loves playing with LEGO. What else can an aspiring pop star spend his time?

11. The nickname he was given was Teddy!

It was, of course. Adorable.

We wouldn’t be surprised if his childhood nickname turned out to be ‘Riddle-diddly-rumpty-Humpty-pippety-poppety-cutie-pie’.

12. A fan once made his Hair cake…

Ewww! We’re not sure what to make of this other than to wish he didn’t consume it. Gross.

13. He once “melted” his foot!

After falling on the geyser in the mountains, Ed was burned by hot springs in the Icelandic hot springs. It took him a long time to heal, but he’s all right today… It’s good news!

14. Ed is obsessed with ketchup!

Not only do we have Ed have a Heinz Ketchup tattoo, he even offered an idea for an advertisement to the giants of ketchup, which they jumped on in the year 2019.

15. He was close to settling on his stage title Redward!

It’s not just us who is breathing a sigh of relief that he didn’t go with the idea and stayed with his first name!

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