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Fun Facts About Day of the Dead

Although this Day of the Dead may appear scary, it’s actually a celebration of joy and life. It is also known by the name of Dia de Los Muertos. The Day of the Dead is really a massive family gathering. What else is intriguing concerning this Day of the Dead? Discover more about the Day of the Dead with these fascinating facts!

Day of the Dead Facts

The Day of the Dead is NOT Halloween

Although the title of this Mexican holiday suggests that it’s like Halloween, it’s actually quite the opposite. The original Halloween was an evening of bonfires and costumes in order to scare away spirits of evil and ghosts; however, The Day of the Dead honors and salutes those souls who have gone to heaven.

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The Day of the Dead is a 3-Day Celebration.

The celebrations begin on the Day of October 31 and conclude on November 2. The first day of celebration starts by getting ready to greet the dead with altars and setting up vibrant decorations. The second Day of the celebration is Dia de los Innocents (Day of the innocents). The souls of the deceased children are honored. On the Day of the third, Dia de Todos los Santos, the spirits of the adults are honored.

Ofrendas, or Altars are Built

In order to help the deceased find their way back home, Family members build Ofrendas. The altars consist of things like candles and flowers, food items, photographs, and other items that are specific to the deceased.

Graveyard Gatherings are Common

In the cemetery, hanging out is not unusual for this holiday of life. For this Day of the Dead celebration, people who are living can be seen in the graveyard, cleaning tombstones, decorating the graveyards, eating food and dancing to music and conversing with their ancestral ancestors.

Mexican Marigolds are Plentiful

It is believed that they draw spirits and help them return to the home of their spirits. Marigolds can be all over the place during Day of the Dead celebrations. Marigolds in the colours yellow and orange are particularly popular since they symbolize the sun, a symbol of life and optimism.

Sugar Skulls and Skeletons are Traditional Symbols

Skeletons and sugar skulls decorate many places during Day of the Dead celebrations. From vibrantly decorated skulls to fun-loving skeletons dressed up in costumes, These decorations are a great method to honour and celebrate the extraordinary lives of the dead.

Hairless Dogs Like to Party Too

It is believed that the Xoloitzcuintli, Xolo for short, is a Mexican hairless Dog. There is a belief that after the celebration ends, the pups will lead the dead to the other world.

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Pan De Muerto is a Tasty Treat

Pan De Muerto, or Bread of the Dead, is an ancient dish that is traditionally served in the course of the Day of the Dead celebration. The shape is that of a skull and cross-bones. This bread isn’t just eaten but is it is also displayed on altars and laid on top of gravestones for everyone to take pleasure in.

Fun Facts About the Day of the Dead

It is the Day of the Dead holiday, also called Dia de los Muertos, and is a festive celebration during which people who live honor the memory of the deceased. It is a celebration of love, laughter and music. This unique celebration brings people together for a family reunion.

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