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39 Fun Facts About Books For Bookworms!

Do you love reading different genres of books? Well, then here are some amazing facts about books to satisfy your inner bookworm!

  1. Jane Austen was a master at making her beer. Her brews were sweetened with molasses.
  2. Thomas Pynchon’s middle initial is Ruggles.
  3. Fredrik Backman was an author before A Men Called Ove became a bestseller.
  4. The temperature at which paper can burn is not 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Bradbury misunderstood when he chose a title for Fahrenheit 451. That’s the temperature at which paper will burn.
  5. Harper Lee served as Truman Capote’s assistant while he wrote In Cold Blood. She managed his 8,000 pages of notes and interviewed people who were suspicious.
  6. The Netflix adaptation of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton has been the most-watched on the platform’s history. More than 82 million households have viewed the series.
  7. Suzanne Collins says she got the idea for The Hunger Games while channel surfing and flicking through footage of the war in Iraq and reality television.
  8. Agatha Christie vanished for almost two weeks in 1926 after her first husband said he wanted to divorce her. After her car was abandoned, 15,000 volunteers conducted a manhunt, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sought out a psychic. She was found in a hotel with an assumed name (borrowed by her husband’s mistress), and she never provided any explanation.
  9. Daniel Defoe was horrible with money. He spent most of his life in debtors prison and was likely hiding from creditors.
  10. Gillian Flynn was a young who worked odd jobs. One of these required her to dress up as a giant yogurt cone wearing a tuxedo.
  11. Hans Christian Andersen was a big fan of Charles Dickens. However, the admiration wasn’t mutual. When he visited Britain, Dickens reluctantly agreed to Andersen’s request for his spare bedroom. But Andersen was a very rude host. Dickens left a note in his room that stated: “Hans Christian Andersen slept here for five weeks. This seems to have been a family age!”
  12. His publisher offered some suggestions to Stephen Hawking when he submitted his first draft of A Short History Of Time. Their publisher advised him that every mathematical equation he included in his manuscript would halve book sales. Hawking left and removed all equations except one (E=MC 2). The book sold over 25 million copies.
  13. James Joyce wrote using large blue pencils or crayons. He was lying on his stomach in bed, wearing a white coat and wearing a large white shirt. His poor vision, which required twenty-five surgeries in his lifetime, is probably responsible for this.
  14. Stephen King purchased the car that was involved in a serious car accident to “prevent it from being listed on eBay.” King was disappointed that the car wasn’t broken up in his garage.
  15. The Little Prince is the most translated French book in the world and is available in more than 300 languages.

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Interesting Book Facts

  1. David Sedaris’s essay collection Me Talk Pretty One Day was ready to be adapted for the screen. A complete script was also available for production. Sedaris resigned the rights after one of his siblings raised concerns about the portrayal of their family.
  2. Robert Louis Stevenson intentionally left out the definite “the” from his title Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. It is now included in most editions to ensure that the title is grammatically correct.
  3. Hanya Yanagihara and her agent expected that A Small Life would not sell well. They were wrong.
  4. Markus Zusak published The Book Thief and was able to provide for his family and himself on royalties alone for thirteen years. Bridge Of Clay is his next novel.
  5. Aldous Huxley and C.S. On the 22nd of November 1963, Lewis was also killed. Their deaths were unfortunately overshadowed by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
  6. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance holds a world record as the most rejected book that goes on to become a bestseller. BEFORE A PUBLISHER ACCEPTED HIS BOOK, Robert M. Pirsig was subject to 121 rejections.
  7. Louisa May Alcott criticized Mark Twain’s The Adventure Of Huckleberry Finn’s crudeness. She stated that Mark Twain should stop writing for his pure-minded friends if he couldn’t think of anything better.
  8. Edith Wharton’s dad was wealthy and powerful. Their surname was Jones, and this is where you get the expression “keep up with the Joneses.”
  9. Paulo Coelho created The Alchemist within two weeks. He claimed that he was able quickly to put it on paper because the book was already written in his heart.
  10. Kazuo Ishiguro is a “great admirer” of Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize the previous year.
  11. Tayari Jones came up with the idea of An American Marriage while listening in on a couple in a mall. The Paris Review asked her: “I heard a young couple argue in the mall in Atlanta. The woman was elegantly dressed, and the man looked fine. She looked amazing! She looked great!
  12. While working at a power station, William Faulkner created As My Lay Dying in six weeks. He did this between midnight and 4 AM. He stated that he didn’t change one word between publication and completion of the draft.
  13. Andre Aciman was born in a multilingual family, where he learned French primarily. The family spoke Arabic, Greek, Ladino (Old Spanish), and Italian.
  14. The Call Of The Wild was inspired in part by Jack London’s extended stay at the Klondike, where he claimed he “found him”). Due to the scarcity of Arctic winter produce, he was forced to leave.
  15. Despite the anti-war, anti-capitalist themes in Catch-22, Joseph Heller spoke positively about his time in the army during World War II and stated that he “never had an officer who was bad” during his time as a bombardier.
  16. Toni Morrison authored her Master’s thesis about “Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner’s treatment for the alienated.”
  17. Terry Pratchett’s signature fashion look was “large blackheads… more like an urban cowboy than a city gent”.
  18. Brad Pitt purchased the film rights to The Curious Instance Of The Dog in The Night-Time. The project was originally assigned to a writer in 2011. However, production has not begun as of 2021.
  19. Jose Saramago protested the Government of Portugal’s reticence to his book, The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. He fled his country to live in exile on Lanzarote.
  20. Anais Nin created her erotic short stories, which were published posthumously in the Delta Of Venus collection – for the “personal usage” of a private collector. She was paid one dollar per page by the collector and instructed to stick with pornography, no analysis, no philosophy.
  21. John Green made a foolish promise to sign each pre-ordered copy of The Fault In Our Stars. He ended up signing every copy of the first print edition. He polled the public to determine the best Sharpie color and divided up the 150,000 copies based on the percentage of votes each color received.
  22. Bram Stoker is most well-known today as the author of Dracula. However, he was known only as the “personal assistant to actor Sir Henry Irving” and the business manager at the Lyceum Theatre, which Irving owned. He died probably from syphilis.
  23. Veronica Roth, a Northwestern student, wrote Divergent while she was on winter vacation. The book was sold before she graduated, and the film rights were sold before its release.
  24. Alice Walker 1983 coined “womanist.” It was intended to be a simple term that meant “a black feminist or a feminist of color.”

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