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Fritos Nutrition Facts

We all love sweet and savoury snacks in the mid day! Do you love eating quick snacks like fritos? But are these healthy? Read Fritos Nutrition Facts here!

Fritos are healthy for you! !….Somebody posted an article link in the comments, and the swagger was so impressive that I I needed to share it with you: Frito-Lay has taken the USDA’s famous food pyramid and substituted its “Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta” group with logos for delicious, carbo-laden Frito-Lay snacks. It’s almost as if that this was healthy!

It is, in fact:

If you choose to utilize this Food Guide Pyramid as an aid to making the most effective food choices, you’ll find that you are able to eat 6-11 portions of grains every day. 

It is easy to incorporate a variety of Frito-Lay products into your daily diet. Frito-Lay is pleased to assist you in achieving your goals for nutrition by offering various snacks that are not just delicious, but also contain 3 grams or less of fat per serving. So, let the guilt go and add Frito-Lay to the list of your balanced diet today!

The information all originates from the Frito-Lay Nutrition Centre (“We have made eating healthy so much enjoyable !”), which is an absurdity, but it’s actually not. It actually contains information regarding how Frito-Lay products can be a as part of a diet plan to lose weight and addresses some frequently frequent concerns (“Does Frito-Lay irradiate any of its products? ?”), and also dispels popular myths regarding dietary fat.

I’m definitely feeling better. Isn’t America great?

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