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Four Loko Nutrition Facts!

Four Loko is a popular malt beverage that comes in many fruit flavors. Four Loko was originally sold as an alcoholic energy beverage. It gained popularity on college campuses across the United States by 2008. Read more Four Loko Nutrition Facts here!

The FDA issued a statement late 2010 regarding the health concerns associated with caffeine in alcoholic beverages and ordered that the product be altered. All caffeine was then removed from the beverage.

The FDA does not consider the Four Loko formula unsafe for human consumption. However, it is still dangerous for your health.

Four Lokos can contain anywhere from 6% to 14% alcohol per volume, depending on what the local regulatory authorities allow. This alone shows that Four Loko is not a beverage intended to help consumers get drunk.

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Four Loko’s high sugar content is another reason to be concerned. The sugar in Four Loko can cause weight gain, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Consuming alcoholic beverages that contain sugar is a strain on your body, as alcohol already has a high level of sugar. Four Loko also contains Red 40, natural and synthetic flavors, as well as carbonated water.

Red 40, a petroleum by-product or coal byproduct, has been shown to cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. The Department of Health and Human Services believes that Red 40 is carcinogenic and can contribute to the development of cancer.

It is dangerous to drink in excess, but it is unsafe to indulge in Four Lokos.

Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones
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