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Five Reasons Why Anime Is So Popular

It seems anime has taken over the online world from games to movies. With billions of dollars being generated in revenue, it is no wonder that more and more people are intrigued by the world of anime globally. The question that is on everyone’s mind is – why is anime so popular?

Is it the bright colors or unique characters or fantastic storylines? While one can never say with certainty what it is that people find addictive about any particular art form, its popularity can certainly throw some light on the general reasons.

Anime is the Japanese word for animation. If you are confusing anime with cartoons, you wouldn’t be the first one in the world but they are two different concepts in the world of entertainment. Anime is now a global entertainment option and is characterized by unique plots and characters.

Manga is another word that often crops up whenever anime is discussed. In Japan, manga forms the base of anime movies. Some dark concepts like death and sexuality coupled with blood form a thread in anime movies. Still, these are gaining currency as a solid entertainment option. 

Let us look at some of the five reasons why anime is so popular.

1. Varied and Unique Stories – For any entertainment form to be as popular as anime, it needs to be able to cater to a wide audience. This means that the content has to be palatable to more and more people. 

Unique stories are what makes anime so distinguishable from other art forms. This is combined with the fact that they are audio-visual in nature. Apart from that, anime movies (like all other movies) come in different genres like romance, thriller, and comedy. 

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2. Wide Availability – Distribution is key when it comes to anime movies. The easy availability of anime movies on numerous streaming platforms is another reason behind their increasing popularity. In fact, anime merchandise is also easily available through dhgate china supplier

For instance, Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming apps worldwide. It now has a different section on anime movies and shows. This is huge because this means that there will be a new generation of people who will come across this category of movies and start exploring.

3. Strong Images – It has been observed that the most popular movies or TV shows have one thing in common – a strong image. It is this strong image that invokes various feelings among the viewers. These feelings may be of love, attraction, or even fear.

In fact, many times, anime movies are related to fights or wars and these are a great way for artists and writers to evoke strong images that stay with the viewers for a long time post the movie experience. 

Once these images are stuck with the viewers, they form a sense of belongingness with the art form. This leads to chat room discussions and Reddit or Twitter threads, which in turn leads to more viewers for anime movies. 

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4. Likable Characters – Every art form has its own fan base because of the nature of its characters. Serious art movies are liked by the intelligentsia because of the depth of characters involved. Cartoons are loved by children due to the predictable and funny way characters behave. 

Some of the characters are so popular that they become entrenched in our imagination. We tend to keep on watching the anime just for these special characters. This is why streaming becomes difficult every single time. You run into everything from internet troubles to server issues. Using The Pirate Bay can be a credible solution to help you catch your favorite anime characters whenever you want.

In terms of characters, anime movies can be about anything under the sun. This means that they can also be about real people and how they live their lives. Many anime movies become popular solely because of the characters that are relatable to the general public.     

5. Great Connect – Elaborating more on the characters and storyline, it can be said that there is a little bit of something for every age group in anime movies. Adolescents and teenagers may be attracted by love, sex, and romance while adults may enjoy the battle imagery and serious stories.

It is this great connection that makes anime so popular that people wish to purchase anime merchandise and precisely why obito mask for sale go empty in seconds. For the uninitiated, Obito is a character in a manga anime. 

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How many times have you discovered a new series and felt excited to share it with your friends? There is a pretty good chance that they will love anime movies too especially because anime movies are constantly being churned out.  

Innovative artists are working day and night to create manga and anime movies to cater to this newfound global appetite for such content. This has also led to anime movies pushing their boundaries with themes and characters alike.


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