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The Top 5 Card Games to Play With Friends

Card games are a great way to pass the time, whether you are alone at home, sitting on a bus, or hanging out with close friends.

Some games are better solo, such as solitaire, but if you are among an older crowd, receiving bingo tips would be very useful, especially if you were playing online bingo somewhere like Borgata.

Perhaps you are planning to host a game night, or you want to liven up an upcoming weekend when a few friends are staying over at your house.

Below are five of the best card games you can play with friends or family to relax and have some competitive fun.

1. Uno


A card game that requires a special deck, Uno often gets an unfair reputation for being a children’s game. Even though the cards do appear a little childish, the game is extremely fun for people of all ages.

The idea behind Uno is that you shuffle the deck and deal out a set number of cards to each player. You can play with as few as two people, while games can do up to five or six players. The objective is to lose all your cards before everyone else.

If you have standard number cards, you can either place the same number on top of another, or you have to match them based on color. For instance, if the first person puts down a green 2, then you must either put down a 2 or a green card.

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There are also special cards, such as the change color card, align withdraw two, reverse, skip, and draw four.

2. Texas Hold’em

The most popular version of one of the most famous card games in the world, Texas Hold’em poker is a great way to pass the time with friends. You can make this game as casual or competitive as you want.

If you are playing with a few friends, you can all put $10 each into a pot, and the winner of the game gets all that money. Then you can play with poker chips, enjoy the tension of money being on the line, but not lose anything substantial either.

Poker involves each player being dealt two cards to start. Then five cards are put face down on the table. After each round of betting, cards are revealed. Three of the cards are revealed after a round of betting, then one card each until all five cards are shown.

Whoever has the best five-card combination between the five cards on the table and their two cards wins.


3. Rummy

A terrific way to spend an evening at game night, or when you are relaxing with a few friends. Rummy is an extremely tactical game, which is what makes it so much fun. The rules of rummy are not too hard to learn, and the objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible.

You can do so by playing combinations of cards on the table for points. You can play sets such as three or four cards from the same rank, such as three 9’s or three Jacks. There is also the option of going on a run, such as 8, 9, 10, and Jack from the same suit.

What is so fun about rummy is that you are strategic with every turn as you pick up a card from the deck. You have to decide if that card can help you, or if the card may be useful to someone else on the table.

4. Blackjack

If your friends love to play card games and do not mind gambling a bit of money, blackjack is a terrific way to have fun. The game is very simple, and you can play with several players at a time.

The goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over that number. You get points based on the number on the card, while cards such as Jack, Queen, and King are worth more points.

Each time you are dealt a single card, you can ask the dealer to hit you with another card or stop. For instance, if you have two cards and your number is 19, you may not want another card, as that could put you over 21.


5. Cards Against Humanity

If you are hoping to change up the atmosphere at your game night, or you want to have some pre-gaming fun before you go out to a bar, Cards Against Humanity is a great change of pace.

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The game involves a unique deck of cards. Since the game is so popular, there are even special decks that you can buy on specific topics.

The objective of Cards Against Humanity is to finish a sentence that is read out by the person who is judging for a particular round. That person reads one part of the sentence, and you must fill in the blank or finish the sentence with one of the cards in front of you.


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