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Fishing Facts

These are some Fishing Facts

  • The different types of fishing available range from:
  • Deep-Sea
  • Salt Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Catch and Release
  • Particular species (Bass, Trout, Flounder, etc. …)
  • Bow Fishing

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Fishing Facts: Market Data

  • The USFWS states that it has 30 million Anglers catch fish each year.
  • Anglers shell out about $35 per day.
  • The average time to fish is 17 days a year.
  • The total annual expenditures for fishing are $42.2 billion
  • In the United States only 18% of those with an earn $100,000 or more are fishermen.
  • Fishing Activities in Texas by Residents and Nonresidents 2006 Census
    • The NSFHWR declares that 2,527,000 Anglers catch fish each year.
    • Anglers can be found fishing for an average of 16 days a year in the waters of fishing
    • Total expenditures totaling $3,237,212,000
    • The amount of trip-related expenses is $1,563,994,000.
    • Equipment and other equipment totaling $1,673,218,000
    • Average per angler $1,280
    • Average trip expenditure per day $38

Example Pricing

  • Prices will differ significantly depending on the location, the quality, season , and the time of year.
    • Full Day Fishing with 1-4 people begins at $450.00
    • Full Day Fishing for 5 People $700.00
    • Fishing Boats for $50 per day or $25 for a half-day
    • Fishing Kayak Rental $39.99 for 4 hrs and $10 per additional hour
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