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Fireball Nutrition Facts

The Fireball Cinnamon whisky (not “whiskey” – I’ll clarify in a moment) is an essential drink of the diet of students at college. It’s a bit hot, spicy, tastes decent, and is alcohol-free. This is all it takes.

If you love that “hot cinnamon” taste (think the word gum) or want to show your strength by drinking a glass of liquid fire, Fireball is a way of living. However, unless you’re creating your Fireball, this smoky drink comes with a few stories to its hood and also some news Fireball Nutrition Facts.

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Fireball Nutrition Facts

It was reported for its resemblance to antifreeze.

Three distinct European countries could recall Fireball after receiving an order from North America. They realized that it contained more propylene glycol (used to enhance food flavor by absorption of water) than normal. Although the FDA declares that propylene glycol is normally safe to drink, Norway, Sweden, and Finland typically receive Fireball ships with lower levels of PG than American and Canadian shipping.

Propylene glycol may have harmful consequences; however, Fireball issued an official statement declaring that pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol (which can be found in food products and the type they employ) is more regulated over non-pharmaceutical (which is employed for antifreeze). It’s still uncertain.

It’s old-fashioned and Canadian.

Like your non-violent grandparents, the Fireball was first launched to the world in Canada around the middle of the 1980s(supposedly by someone seeking an easy solution to frostbite). It made its way into the U.S. via smugglers until it went viral and is now sold everywhere.

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It’s also the reason they refer to it as “whisky” instead of “whiskey.” This is something of a Canadian thing, isn’t it?

It’s made from real cinnamon.

Glozell is aware of the dangers of cinnamon. However, it’s quite pleasant (unlike Fireball, which is more like a scorching) to discover that at the very least one ingredient in the drink is authentically the thing it claims to be and not an unfounded chemical party lie.

What kind of cinnamon? Fireball will not say. The reason their hair is big and packed with secrets.

You don’t need the drink straight.

While you might be familiar with straight Fireball shots, There’s an array of interesting mixed drinks that you can prepare.

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If you’re in the market for an evening that is more peaceful with a Fireball drinker, take a simple approach: warming the Fireball and normal apple cider inside your preferred cup does the trick.

It’s likely Kosher and likely gluten-free. However, we can’t make any guarantees.

They don’t address the subject on this one. The basic idea is that Fireball says that their products adhere to Kosher guidelines and offer them for sale in Israel. However, it’s still non Kosher certified.

The same applies to gluten-free. They do not use ingredients that can harm those who have gluten intolerance. However, they don’t have any guarantee since there is no certification.

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They also have a gaming application.

It’s known as ” Dragon, Dice and Dares” It’s free to download it now and play 5 rounds in a fireball-based game. The game is supposed to play dice (in-app), flip cards, fight dragons, and perform several dares. All while sipping Fireball and, of course.

My only complaint is how similar it is to Dungeons and Dragons.

In terms of calories, it’s just okay.

A single shot of Fireball is a calorie count of 108; however, when you consider that you’re eating sugar all day, it’s likely not that bad. A typical bottle of whiskey (at 85 proof, compared to the Fireball’s level of 66 proof) is just 70 calories. In addition, the average whiskey has a higher percentage of alcohol, If you weren’t aware of it.

However, it’s difficult to find a drink that is low on calories.

You can purchase Fireball Sauces (hot and other varieties).

I sincerely hope these hot sauces don’t taste like cinnamon. You can get the hot sauce, BBQ sauce, or wing sauce for $5-$7 a bottle. The store appears to be out of stock; However, make sure to check back for a while. It’s a great present for someone who is a fan of Fireball.

Or as a gentle reminder that they will never be able to stop talking about Fireball and should not drink all the time to let their livers recover and heal, for screaming in the street.

There are also Fireball earrings, ear warmers, and hats, as well as duffel bags.

They think that the shot can burn your ears. In reality, the store has the entire range of items (and many more) for the most ardent of Fireball enthusiasts. The flasks are the obvious selection, but if you have a friend who has been addicted to any item (a shirt or a hat, even the Fireball-themed lights) is acceptable.

Don’t forget the inflatable seat as well as play the Battleship game. If you enjoy Fireball enough, it seems like there are plenty of opportunities to display that you love it.

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