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Fighting Pollution With Glass Bottles

Although it is now well established that plastic is a highly polluting material, many people and businesses continue to use it, even when there is no need for it.

How many restaurant businesses still offer plastic bottles to customers? How many restaurants deliver food in plastic containers?

Everyone knows that the current climate is not among the most favorable, so it is a waste to keep using plastic. It can be replaced by other more environmentally friendly materials, such as glass: glass bottles for wine are sustainable, resistant and very beautiful to see compared to plastic bottles, which if left in the sun or exposed to heat sources, can release some toxic substances. This does not happen in glass containers, that are much safer and consequently the taste of drinks or food is also better.

In Italy every year, about 30 million tons of municipal solid waste are produced and half of it is due to packaging. To combat this huge waste, you can start by choosing glass bottles, which can be reused at least 50 times before recycling them to produce new glass.

Glass, an ancient and versatile material

Glass is a material that has been used for a long time, in the past it was used as a container for objects in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. The glass bottles used on a large scale, however, date back to 1800 in France, in order to contain quality wine. Dom Pérignon, the one who gave the famous champagne its name, decided to use glass to produce the bottles, because the other materials he had tried could not withstand the refermentation process.

A discovery that is still given importance today, in fact glass bottles are produced considering various factors, such as weight, size, color and integrity of the material, to ensure a sustainable, beautiful and resistant product. Glass bottles not only contain water or wine, they can also be suitable for storing other beverages such as oil, vinegar and much more.

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Reduce the use of plastic with glass bottles

Unfortunately, despite the climate crisis that the whole world is going through, some many people and businesses continue to use plastic bottles. Yet the situation is becoming increasingly serious: glaciers are melting, temperatures are rising more and more, the water level in the oceans is at a critical level and air pollution is at its peak.

These problems start to cause damage and can worsen in the future if you don’t start loving the Earth more. To leave a cleaner and healthier world for the next generations, it is absolutely necessary to reduce pollution and one way to do this is to eliminate the use of plastic. This material is harmful to the environment, pollutes the air, land and seas with the dispersion of plastic waste.

Plastic is a recyclable material, but this procedure leads to a large energy consumption and increases CO2 emissions, so it is counterproductive. Why continue to use such a polluting material if there are valid alternatives? The use of glass, in addition to being sustainable, can give several advantages. Glass bottles do not affect food quality, while plastic can affect food and drinks by releasing harmful substances, especially when exposed to high temperatures. It is not tangible because these substances cannot be seen, but they create problems for the body if they are assimilated frequently.

Everyone should abandon plastic forever, adopting a more conscious lifestyle. This does not mean that you have to give up your comfort or completely change your habits, just replace certain materials and objects with more ecological alternatives.

Why is glass a sustainable material?

Glass can give many benefits, both because it is a versatile and practical material to use, and because it does not create environmental damage. A glass bottle can be used many times, continuously sanitized, and then recycled to produce more glass. In this way, no waste is created and, unlike plastic, the recycling of glass is an ecological process, it does not release any harmful substances into the environment. Glass can be used to contain food and drinks, but also perfumes and other types of liquids, without losing their characteristics. 

Thanks to recycling, the use of extractive raw materials can be minimized. In addition, the glass bottles are also aesthetically beautiful and can be customized with the business logo, with a particular color, by choosing the most suitable shape. In addition to being functional, they also become a way to do marketing and increase the value of a business. Choosing glass bottles instead of plastic ones means investing in your image while simultaneously making a conscious choice, that is, respecting the environment and trying to do your part to tackle the climate crisis.

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