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15 Fascinating Tiger Facts That You Should Know!!

Tigers are usually viewed as among the most beautiful and fierce species, which could be one of the main reasons that make them more intriguing creatures. Unfortunately, they’ve reached the point of being listed as endangered due to our sloppy behaviour and lack of prudence. Discover more amazing tiger facts below!!

As a keen wildlife enthusiast with a particular interest in big cats, I like visiting wildlife parks. Still, the issue is, how much do we or I know about this fascinating animal?

There are many misconceptions regarding other species of large cats like the panthers. However, I hope you’ll be able to learn more about them by reading this blog post, in which I’ve outlined some facts about the tigers. You’ll have a good idea of some tiger facts already, but what’s, do you know?

Amazing Tiger Facts!!

1. The largest of them is the Tiger. Other wild cats.

You’ve probably heard that Royal Bengal Tigers are the largest wild cat species but did you realize that male Tigers can weigh up to 300 kilograms. Jazz! It’s like weighing a bunch of human beings who consider six. All they need to do is lie over you, licking their paws, and you’d die in a flash.

2. A strike from Tigers Tiger can cause death

Without mentioning Tigers colossal body size, take an examination of their front legs/hands. If you own an animal friend Tiger and a ruthless foe, You might want to make them fight in an open fight. It’s a joke; you can’t own a pet tiger; it’s is against the law! It is believed that one swipe of the front hand of a Tiger could end the life of animals, and at the very least, break bones.

3. Tigers are nocturnal animals.

It’s not the case. There is a universal truth that Tigers are nocturnal. However, they are more likely to engage in the majority of their hunting activities during the evening. This is because Tigers are more tolerant of human conflicts during daylight hours and are also more active in their territories at night.

4. Tiger cubs are born blind, and only half of them live to adulthood.

The most tragic thing is that Tiger newborn cubs can’t see, and only a few of them survive. In reality, the cubs don’t have eyes; they can only look for the scents of their mommy. Because they’re born blind and cannot keep up, the majority of them will die from thirst or cold. Male Tigers even consume them to create the Tigress ready to mat. It’s insane!

5. Tigers are fond of swimming and playing in the water.

In contrast to domestic cats, the larger ones prefer to spend time in the water. They love to swim for long periods. Because cubs are female, Tigers can teach how to hunt and the capability of killing on the beach. As adults, it’s reported that they can swim for a long-distance and have even reported swimming 30km within a day.

6. Tigers can live for around 25 years.

The life expectancy for Tigers is between 20 and 25 years, whether they are in captivity or wild. But, the majority of them die before 20. For instance, the passing of Machli, who was 19 years old from Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India. The most famous living Tiger to date was the age of 25 Flavel, the circus-rescued animal living in a zoo in Tampa, Florida.

7. The grouping of Tigers are referred to as an ambush or a streak.

It is a fact that Tigers have to be forced into circumstances where they have to share or stay in certain conditions in a human-created environment. This is why they are referred to as streaks or ambush. Even a Tigress who has cubs is referred to as an ambush.

8. Tigers can mate with big cats

Tigers also can mate with large cats. For instance, if an adult male Tiger couples with a female Lion, the hybrid animal is called Tigon. They are the most significant cat species and are larger than Liger, which happens to be a hybrid breed that combines Male Lion with female Tiger. The length of the Liger is around 4.5 feet when on four legs and around 6 feet tall standing.

Notice: Tigons within at minimum nine nations which comprise USA, Czech Republic, China, Iran, Russia, India, UAE and Argentina. The cross-breeding of tigers is forbidden in Taiwan.

9. Tigers have antiseptic saliva.

One of the benefits to Tigers is the fact that they can produce antiseptic saliva. Therefore, if you suffer from a bruise and want to clean it, go to the doctor. Tiger, I’m not kidding! Most often, what they do is often lick the site to stop any infections.

10. Tigers can sprint up to 60 km/hour

The fastest runner is not in the animal kingdom, but because Tigers have powerful legs, they can sprint between 60 and more than km per hour. However, this is only achievable for shorter distances.

11. Tiger stripes can also be found on their skin

Many of you might not be aware that most cats are covered in stripes both on their furs and in their bodies. It’s true that, like human fingerprints, the distinctive patterns of stripes that are found in Tigers is a sign of their distinctiveness. Even if you remove their fur Tigers or cats in the house, you will still be able to see the stripes.

Be aware that you should not attempt it at home, especially with your domestic pets.

12. Tigers aren’t loud and are obedient to their peers

It’s true; you’re being generous, you are sure as What? However, just to be clear, Tigers are one of the most humble species, like Lions (no offence). It is often seen in wildlife that male Tigers let females and cubs consume first.

13. The smell of urine from Tigers is like buttery popcorn

There’s a fascinating fact to be discovered, the smell emanating in the Tigers’ urine smells similar to buttered popcorn. Don’t be enticed as it is also an alert to people who enter their area.

14. Tigers are attracted to hunting through ambushes.

The most well-known fact for any animal lover is that wild animal love the thrill of a surprise kill, but not so much as Tigers because of their stripe camouflage that hides behind dense trees and then strikes their victim from behind. It is also believed the Tigers tend to be less aggressive if we don’t see them. Many villages in India have a mask over the back of their heads to deceive the Tigers.

15. Tigers are single-minded creatures.

Tigers are indeed considered to be individuals. In contrast to the spectacles of many tigers in one enclosure in zoos, it is more likely to find the same group of tigers out in nature. Tigers prefer solitude and are frequently seen enjoying a stroll by themselves or perhaps constructing their plans for the next food (LOL).

Wrapping Up:

Here are the most important 15 interesting tiger facts you’ve just read. Did it inspire you to discuss with your friends in the future? I’m hoping it did. They’re simply gorgeous and super cuddly, but I’d rather greet them with my jeeps on safari.

Even with all the tiger-related debates, Why do we need to help save these huge cats? Look back and reflect. Let’s read about how we can protect the Tigers from hunting and poaching.

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