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Fairlife Nutrition Facts

Are you aware of those “milk mustache” advertisements that were circulating for decades with the catchy slogan “Got milk?”? Today, a milk moustache could be as easy to be made of soy, almond hemp, or rice milk or, if you prefer, one of the latest youngsters in the market, Fairlife milk. Explore amazing Fairlife Nutrition Facts

Fairlife, in contrast to the dairy alternatives mentioned above, is the milk of cattle (via Men’s Health). The thing that makes it stand out is an exclusive filtration process the milk goes through, which separates essential components of milk such as water, fat minerals, proteins, as well as lactose (milk sugar) and blends the components into a milk with a different nutritional composition from its predecessor. This is the reason why it’s so exciting. Men’s Health nutrition advisor Mike Roussell says just, “It takes milk and improves it.”

Compared to normal 2% milk, Fairlife milk is significantly higher in calcium and protein thirteen grams, and 380 milligrams in comparison to 8 milligrams and 283 milligrams, respectively. It also has about half the carbs and sugars. It’s also lactose-free, which is a huge benefit, especially for millions of Americans who suffer from lactose intolerance (via Eat This, Not That!).

Another plus is that Fairlife milk has a longer shelf-life than regular milk and can stay in good condition for up to 90 days if not opened (via The Coca-Cola Company).

Fairlife milk provides athletes with extra protein

What’s not to like about this milk that is premium? It’s the cost, for instance. Fairlife milk costs about twice its standard equivalent, which is an issue, especially for families who consume large amounts of milk per month (via Men’s Health). Additionally, some nutritionists doubt the added nutrition milk is marketed as providing is needed for most people.

A registered dietitian Keri Gans states, “Milk is already a nutritious food source; I’m not entirely convinced that it’s necessary to be altered,” and nutritionist Alissa Rumsey adds that “When you examine the data, it may sound appealing, but the majority of Americans already have sufficient of protein” (via New York Daily News). Why fix something that isn’t broken?

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Although most families are not able to afford the additional cost of milk with ultra-filtered filters, some can benefit greatly from Fairlife’s particular nutritional profile. Sports athletes recovering from intense workouts and those seeking to boost their intake of calcium (like those at risk of developing osteoporosis), and, of course, those who are lactose intolerant are likely to discover Fairlife milk to be a valuable option to supplement their diets.

Ultra-filtered milk is superior to. traditional milk

Following is an approximate nutritional comparison of conventional 2 percent milk with ultra-filtered milk 2 percent

NutrientTraditional MilkUltra-Filtered Milk

Calcium 283 mg 380 mg

Protein 8 grams 13 g

Total Carb 12 grams 6 g

Who could gain from drinking ultra-filtered milk?

Drinking ultra-filtered dairy is a great way to incorporate more calcium and protein into your diet and decrease sugar intake.

Certain populations that could benefit from drinking milk that is ultra-filtered are:

  • people with lactose intolerance who do not consume dairy, however, desire the flavor of a glass of creamy dairy milk
  • women at risk of osteoporosis and who struggle to take sufficient calcium
  • an athlete who use protein drinks to aid in recovery from exercise
  • families that are trying to reduce sugar consumption within their children’s diets
  • adult and children who suffer from diabetes who can monitor their intake of carbohydrates
  • People who are advised by their physician to stay clear of entire milk but do not like the flavor of products with low fat.
  • chocolate lovers who crave chocolaty milk but stay clear of it due to its sugar amount (8 8 ounces ultra-filtered chocolate milk contain around thirteen grams sugar in contrast, traditional chocolate milk contains around 27 grams sugar)

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The finest ultra-filtered milk products you can buy.

Ultra-filtered milk can be found in a wide range of products that include drinks, post-workout shakes, and healthy Ice creams. Make sure to note that some products made using ultra-filtered milk are made with synthetic sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium to keep the product’s sugar amount to a minimum. If you’re not using artificial ingredients, you should be sure you check the label on the product.

Do you want to test the ultra-filtered milk products yourself? Look these up to boost nutrition without the sugar and lactose.

Fairlife MilkWith the permission of Instacart

Fairlife milk comes with a comprehensive line of ultra-filtered dairy products, which include shakes with protein, creamers and milk that contains DHA. One of the products that could help you get through your hectic days is Fairlife’s Smart Snacks. They contain 15 grams of protein with five grams of fiber along with 40 percent of your daily calcium intake. These snacks that you can drink are a convenient and simple method to get more nutrients without weighing your body with sugar.

  1. Slate

Slate will quest to provide chocolate milk with a fresh start. Chocolate milk is often viewed as having a bad reputation of being excessively rich in sugar and considered a drink for kids. Chocolate milk drinkers are in good company since there’s an adult-friendly alternative which is less sugar and packaged with a sleek aluminum bottle and available in flavors that you can’t get in the cafeteria at school. (Think: espresso-chocolate milk.) They don’t need to be refrigerated or stored in a refrigerator and can be kept in the fridge for up to a year, which makes them easy to throw in your bag in the evening before your workday.

2. Halo Top Ice Cream

The music is courtesy of Halo Top.

Halo Top uses ultra-filtration technology and has discovered how to create a delicious dessert that is lower in sugar than conventional Ice cream. Their new Halo Top Keto Series contains just 5-10 grams of net carbs and offers unique flavors such as jelly donuts and chocolate cheesecake. A low-sugar, keto-friendly dessert that tastes great? I’m in!

3. Organic Valley

The use of HTML0 is the property Instacart

Organic Valley makes the first and only certified organic ultra-filtered dairy. They purchase dairy from family farms across the nation and ensure that farms raise cattle with respect for the environment.

Organic Valley makes four varieties of ultra-filtered milk: skim two percent, full, and chocolate. The chocolate is sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic monk fruit, So you don’t need to be concerned about finding any artificial ingredients within the product.

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