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10 Interesting Facts About Yuji Itadori

Jujutsu Kansen, like many anime, features a loving main character with no special abilities. He gains supernatural powers after eating a finger from one of the most powerful curses ever created. The first season of manga and anime gives Yuji Itadori a better understanding of who he is. Read some amazing facts about Yuji Itadori!

Slowly viewers discover what Yuji values, what drives, what angers, and what makes him happy. It helps viewers get to know Yuji better and makes him more relatable. His quirks and driving emotions define the character as he develops through manga and anime.

10 He is a remarkable physical strength even without his cursed energy

Yuji was an extraordinary strength even before he acquired cursed energy. He was known as “The Tiger at West Junior High” for his strength and endurance. He is known for his superhuman strength, which has allowed him to break walls and bend goalposts. At one point, he even managed to throw a car.

He was also able to run 50 meters in just 3 seconds. This is a huge feat that he did not disappoint the rest of the field. Last but not least, Yuji Itadori’s stamina is unmatched. His body is not afraid to fight when necessary. He can even lose his appendages while still ready to do whatever it takes to protect or save the people he loves. Yuji can throw a punch, no matter what hand he has.

9 He would do anything to protect people

His grandfather’s last words inspired Yuji to preserve people. This creed was similar to Naruto’s Nindo and became Yuji’s reason for fighting, learning, and becoming a sorcerer.

Yuji accidentally swallows one of Sukuna’s fingers during his first encounter with a curse. He knew he might lose his life to save Megumi. This willingness to risk his life for the sake of his emotions is what Yuji displays throughout anime and manga.

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8 He wants everyone to receive a “proper death.”

Yuji’s grandfather’s passing makes him extremely empathetic and willing to do anything for his loved ones. He becomes obsessed with the idea and reality of a good end. He becomes so obsessed with the idea of a proper death that he won’t take another person’s life except as a last resort.

Yuji can see this when he fights curses once humans. He dodges and avoids their attacks instead of completing them quickly and turning his attention to the main fight. He will not contemplate death or killing unless pushed to the edge, like the fight between Mahito, Junpei, and Junpei. Yuji is furious at Mahito’s manipulation of Junpei and vows to kill him for the first time.

7 Yuji is strong resistance to poison

His resistance to poison is first demonstrated when he fights Junpei and resists Moon Dreg’s poison. He may also have a strong natural resistance against curses and poisons, which is possible, given his superhuman abilities. After eating Sukuna’s finger, he could have also developed resistance against poisons. Sukuna was known to be the King of Poisons because he had complete control over them. It is possible that Yuji, capable of housing Sukuna or acting as his vessel, gained this resistance by eating the finger.

6 He Was Born March 20 And Is A Pisces

His exact age is unknown. He was born on March 20, but it is possible that he was only 20 years old. Based on his high school record and demeanor, he is probably 15-16 years old. Although it doesn’t seem important, the little details make a character come to life.

His Pisces birthdate is reflected in some of his character traits. He is kind and brightens up the room. These details are essential to help viewers connect with the character and relate to him.

5 He is very physically gifted, but he doesn’t like to use his gifts

Yuji’s introduction to sorcerers or curses and wild adventures results from his unwillingness to join any sports clubs. His physical strength and extraordinary strength allowed him to attract the attention of many school clubs.

The track team’s speed particularly attracted Yuji, and they repeatedly asked him to join. Yuji decided to join Occult Club because he didn’t want to join other sports clubs. He finds the cursed object and meets Megumi. This catapults him into a world full of curses.

4 He Is Intelligent And A Quick Learner

Yuji is a quick learner, which is one of his many talents. This ability has been demonstrated multiple times. For example, when he worked with Gojo on movie appreciation training, he had to learn how to control his cursed emotion-based energy. He showed his speed when learning techniques while fighting with AoiTodo.

Todo was aware that Yuji had incredible fighting abilities, so he coached Yuji and helped him during the fight. This experience and teaching enabled Yuji to master the Black Flash skill quickly, using it four consecutive times, an old record amongst sorcerers. Yuji is also the most skilled cook of the first year.

3 He Can Control Cursed Energies Very Well

Even though he was just introduced to cursed energies, he quickly mastered its use and climbed the strength tier of sorcerers. He uses his cursed energies, combined with his incredible martial arts and strength, to deliver devastating blows.

Divergent Fist is his signature move. It allows him to hit his target twice in one hit. His already increased strength strikes his target and deals an initial blow that may damage, depending on the target. Then his cursed energy flows through him and makes a second impact, consisting of concentrated cursed energies.

2 He is extremely popular

The clubs and the sorcerers are both interested in Yuji’s abilities and his ability to become a vessel. It doesn’t end there. He is just as loved outside of the universe by his viewers.

He was ranked 1st in the manga’s popularity survey with 21,735 votes. He was also nominated in the 2021 Crunchyroll Animation Awards for the “Best Actor” award.

1 He is not so different from real people

Yuji is a typical high school student in many very relatable ways. He loves to watch TV. Science is his least favorite subject. When it comes to food, he is a typical teenage boy. He will eat almost anything. However, he does have his favorites. He won’t eat rice or noodles for long. He’s 5’8″, 176 pounds, and his body fat is in the single digits. This makes it clear why he is so strong. He’s ripped.

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