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10 Tricky Facts About Woodpeckers

The woodpecker with the pileated name isn’t widespread in northwest Iowa, However. It has been seen in the area. It is the biggest woodpecker that lives in Iowa and can grow up to 19 inches. The downy woodpecker is like the bigger hairy woodpecker and is also the tiniest, only 6 inches long.

Woodpeckers are fascinating animals with extremely specialized abilities. Take a look at these interesting facts about these incredible birds!

1. They have tongues that are super long.

The tongues of woodpeckers are typically approximately twice as long as their bill to ensure that they are able to reach for insects in the holes they peck. When they are not in use, the tongue wraps around the rear of the head to connect the skull with the skin.

Their tongues can also be sticky. Woodpeckers are the most likely to have sticky saliva or barbed tongues, which help them remove insects that are found inside their holes.

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2. They’re made to adhere to trees.

Woodpeckers are armed with strong tail feathers, supporting the bird when it lays on a tree trunk. They also have two hind toes to support themselves as they lean back.

3. The animals have furry faces.

If you examine the photos above, you’ll notice that woodpeckers have a fuzzy nose. The nostrils of woodpeckers are covered with feathers to keep dust and splinters from getting in while they peck.

4. They don’t suffer headaches.

Woodpecker bills to distribute shock throughout the skull during the process of pecking. Humans can experience a lot of discomfort when they hit their heads on a tree. However, woodpeckers don’t suffer any problems!

5. The woodpecker is a perfectionist.

Iowa woodpeckers build nests in tree cavities, and have access holes they make for themselves. They’ll peck the entrance that forms a perfect circle.

Pileated woodpeckers create nests that are oval or oblong.

6. They enjoy making music.

In the world of animals, woodpeckers are among the few species that can make a sound using something other than an element of their body. They make a sound on various objects to mark territories, attract their friends, find food, or perhaps even exercise or play. Check out the red-headed woodpecker.

7. They are inclined to remain upright.

When they climb down a tree, they stand in a straight line and follow with their tails first. Other species of trees that consume insects birds, like nuthatches, walk down branch head and then. A few scientists say that this allows birds to locate insects by navigating their tree heads in a distinct manner and decreases competition between species.

8. Woodpeckers are also nuts lovers.

Woodpeckers, in addition to eating bugs, love fruits and nuts. This is why you’ll be able to see them in your feeders for nuts. Certain people are so fond of acorns that they’ll store them to keep them in the winter months, and red-headed woodpeckers even cover their caches by splintering them wet and drying out and form a sturdier cover. Many have seen red-headed woodpeckers trying to fill an attic of a house with Acorns.

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9. They love things that are new.

Woodpeckers dig new holes each year, and other birds frequently utilize their previous holes.

10. Woodpeckers DO NOT eat wood.

While many believe that woodpeckers eat the wood in the same way that beavers consume wood, they do not. Woodpeckers utilize their beaks to make holes in wood that allow them to dig nesting holes, or remove insects and larvae from the hole.

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