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10 Amazing Facts About Wizard Of OZ

You think you know everything about The Wizard of Oz. We have lost count of the number of times we have seen the film in 1939. It is full of iconic songs and memorable movie moments. Do you think you know enough facts about Wizard of Oz? We don’t.

  1. Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers were initially made of silver.

Dorothy’s slippers were silver in L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz stories.

2 The Wizard of Oz actor had five roles.

Frank Morgan was the actor who played the Wizard of Oz. He appeared in five roles in the movie.

3. Thanks to Jell-O, the Emerald City’s “horses with a different color” now have those colors.

The production used tints made from Jell-O to give the Emerald City horses different colors.

4. Tin Man was forced to leave the production.

Buddy Ebsen was the first actor to portray the Tin Man. Ebsen became allergic to aluminum dust in his paint and makeup, making him look like a Tin Man. Jack Haley was cast to replace him.

5. Dorothy married Tin Man’s child.

Judy Garland’s child, Liza Minelli, wed Jack Haley, Jr. in 1974, thirty-five years after The Wizard of Oz movie premiered.

6. Bert Lahr was very heavy in his Cowardly Lion costume.

Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion actor, wore a furry lion costume for the movie. It was so heavy and bright that it was difficult to see the actors. It sold at auction in 2014 for $3 million.

7. Tin Man’s tears were made from chocolate syrup.

Movie magic! In the early days of moviemaking, many DIY techniques could create realistic effects. The tears you see on the Tin Man’s silver face are made of chocolate syrup.

8. The movie “Over the Rainbow” nearly didn’t cut.

According to some accounts, the film’s editors wanted to remove the iconic scene in which Judy Garland sings “Over the Rainbow.” It was cut because it slowed down the movie’s pace and was too sad.

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9. Shirley Temple was considered to play the role of Dorothy Gale.

Before Judy Garland was cast in the role of Dorothy, which was a role with whom she was intimately associated ever since Shirley Temple was also considered.

10. Several directors directed the film from start to finish.

What lesser-known facts about classic movies are you able to recall? Was The Wizard of Oz your favorite movie?

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