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13 Surprising Facts About Wildfires

These forest fires, which erupted across the west this summer, were devastating. Residents were forced from their homes, and beloved landscapes were destroyed by the fires. People in neighboring areas were forced to breathe the smoke and ash of the flames. Here are some surprising Facts About Wildfires for you.

When all this is happening, it’s difficult to see the good in things. We are grateful that the Eagle Creek fire has been contained to about half of its original size in Oregon, where The Dyrt lives. This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of approximately 1,000 firefighters.

It’s also comforting to know that forest fires have benefits.

We thought it would be fascinating to learn more about forest fires, including their dangers and benefits.

Facts About Wildfires

1. Many ecosystems have fire as part of their natural cycle.

2. Each year, lightning strikes approximately 24,600 homes and causes about 100 lightning bolts to touch the ground from the clouds.

3. About four out of 5 forest fires are set by humans.

4. Intentionally controlled fires and naturally occurring forests help to prevent bigger fires.

5. A crown fire is a fast-burning flame that spreads rapidly across the tops and sides of trees.

6. Surface fires are used to burn dead leaves and other debris, creating more space for animals such as moose or deer.

7. When moving uphill, fires travel faster.

8. When winds around a fire start to spin, a fire tornado may form.

9. Forest fires may displace some animals. However, some species can make great homes in burned clearings for those who benefit from sunlight and rich soil.

10. A large enough fire can create a weather system.

11. Each year, the United States loses an average of 1.2 billion acres of forests.

12. Each fire is evaluated by national parks with approved fire maintenance plans to determine whether it should be put out.

13. Forest fires are a favorite activity for lodgepole pine trees. Extreme temperatures enable them to release seeds from their cones, otherwise sealed tightly.

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