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13 Facts About Westminster Dog Show

Everything you didn’t know you would like to know about the famous dog show and its gorgeous purebreds.

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The best show for the top performers

It is believed that the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (WDS) was developed in the same place where many other brilliant ideas come from an open bar table. As per Westminster, the history, the group of people (circa in the early 1870s) were known to gather at a bar in the vicinity of NYC’s Union Station and shoot the air about their shooting abilities and brag about their capabilities dogs on the field.

On one of those evenings, they decided to host an event for dogs and named their organization following the name of their hotel. In its 144th year, the WDS continues to adhere to its bylaws that were originally enacted “to increase the interest in dogs, and thus improve the breeds, and hold an Annual Dog Show in the city of New York.”

Here are some additional fun information about the world’s most renowned dog show. If this makes you want to increase your dog’s game, then check out these easy dog tips you can start teaching now.

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One of the earliest telecast events

The WDS was already in existence for over 70 years before televisions began taking up space in living rooms during the latter part of 1940. The regular programming on television was not available at the time, but the WDS was among the first broadcasts that brought into an era known as the Golden Age of television. The debut of the small-screen version was 1948, just a few years ahead of the classics such as I Love Lucy and The Lone Ranger.

Since then, the WDS has been broadcast on various networks, the most recent Fox Sports since 2017. Fox Sports was actually the first network to broadcast an actual live broadcast of daytime judge of the breed. Although they may not have been able to make the trip to Westminster, these shelter dogs were famous on TV!!

If there are 205 varieties of dogs isn’t enough to fall in love with. There’s some great news Nine of the breeds are further subdivided into different varieties following size and color as well as coat. For size, we recommend the Beagle as well as the Manchester Terrier and Poodle. These three breeds of dog are Beagle and the Manchester Terrier, are available in two sizes, while the Poodle is available in three sizes.

The color selection is quite diverse it is it. Is the Cocker Spaniel shows three kinds of colors? In contrast, there are three colors for the Bull Terrier and English Toy Spaniel each have two different colors they show in. In addition, the Dachshund, Chihuahua, and Collie display a variety of coats for their breeds.

The Dachshund is available in longhaired, smooth and wirehaired. Chihuahuas sport a long or smooth coat, as well as the stunning Collie, is an incredibly coarse and smooth coat. Are you looking for a cuddle cake that is family-friendly? Look into these low-maintenance dogs with short hair that are a perfect companion to the family.

The dogs of today are already qualified

The year 1892 was when Westminster increased the entrance cost by a factor of $5 from $2 still included attendants to provide food and exercise to the dogs however, inflation wasn’t the primary reason behind the rise. As per the Westminster Historical Highlights, “the New York Times reported that the fee rise was done to discourage the entry of other than first-rate dogs.”

The current cost is $100 (and this does not include attendants) to enter a show, and in order to compete, dogs are required to have an American Kennel Club Champion (AKC) of record, which means the dog has attained 15 points at various AKC show dogs. Show-dog indulgence and fees for competitions in addition, this is how much it will cost to care for dogs.

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Age is just a number.

A review of the facts and figures of Westminster confirms that age does not matter in the end when it comes to impressing the judges. (That is to say, the dog must be at least 6 months old in order to be eligible for AKC events.) One of the youngest winners was a Rough Collie, Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven, who was awarded the award in 1929 at 9 months. On the other hand, there was the Sussex Spaniel known as Stump (his official name is Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee) was the oldest dog to win Best in Show at 10 years, two months, and 9 days in 2009. The following are 14 reasons to adopt an adorable senior dog.

Globe-trotting contestants

This year’s WDS will be welcoming 2630 canines from the 49 states of America, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The states that have the highest number of dogs at WDS include California (238), New York (208), Pennsylvania (175), New Jersey (156), Florida (153), and Texas (124) along with Massachusetts (114). While the majority of the dogs consider their home in the United States home, 19 countries are represented. Three dogs are the furthest, with two coming of them from Australia as well as one coming from Thailand. In fact, the dogs are the most affordable and expensive breeds of dog around the globe..

This breed has been awarded the most

Terriers are lively and enthusiastic. They were developed to hunt and eliminate vermin. They are now hunting for something more impressive that is the prized Best in Show trophy. Through the time of Westminster, history Terriers have been able to surpass any other breed of dog to become the top competition breed, getting 47 of the prized Best in Show honors. This is especially true for The Wire Fox Terrier for fetching 15 Best in Show wins. The Scottish Terrier is second place with eight wins. The 12 other terriers that comprise the 47 are The Airedale, Sealyham, Smooth Fox, Lakeland, Norwich, West Highland White, Bedlington, Bull (colored and white), Kerry Blue, Skye and Welsh.

The bait-and-stack trick from the past

In the event of a judge’s visit to the ring and the handler has to “stack” the dog. “Stack” is described in Westminster to mean “the pose itself by a dog or the posing of the dog by a handler in its natural stance.” In this moment, the judge will give the dog a thorough examination.

They’re getting a closer view and feeling of the dog’s anatomy, including bones, muscles, teeth, ears, and paws, in order to determine if they meet the specific standards of the breed. The handler also keeps the bait (a very tasty dog snack) in their mouth so that the dog can look to their own face (or the face of the judge) which creates the ideal pile position to judge. In case you’re thinking, handlers don’t put the dry treats or raw food in their mouths. These are the treats that dogs love the most, including cut-up hot dogs , or different cooked cuts of meat. Please note: do not give your dog these foods.

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These dogs are pumped up!

If you’ve watched the WDS, you’ve likely noticed that certain dogs are allowed to walk down a ramp that leads to a table to judge and others are lifted onto the table. What’s the deal?

“The purpose of these low-standing but heavy breeds being judged on a ramp is safety for the dog and handler, while also making it easy for the judge to do their examination,” says Gail Miller Bisher, Director of Communications at Westminster Kennel Club. The breeds who strut their stuff through the ramps with their distinctive attitude comprise the Sussex Spaniel, Basset Hound, Bulldog, Chinese Shar-Pei, and Chow Chow. Do not be a fool! Of course, a dog does not need to be purebred in order to be adorable and amazing. These are the most adorable mixed breeds you can bring to your home.

Doggy drama

It is a fact that the Best in Show finalists always comprise seven dogs, with one dog from every recognized group: sports dogs, hounds, toys herding, terrier and working as well as non-working. At the 143rd WDS, only six dogs competed in the race for Best in Show title. As per ABC News, one Schipperke, named Colton who hails from Howell, Michigan, was exempted from being eligible as a candidate for Best in Show due to conflicts of interest earlier during the day. It appears that Best in Show judge Peter Green owned dogs along with Colton’s co-owners. Talk about drama! the popular dog show host has experienced everything!

It is possible to take photos with your pet’s favorite breeds

The WDS is distinct in the sense that it is a show that is benched meaning that all dogs have to be open for visitors to visit. “The entire purpose of a benched show is to educate the public,” Miller Bisher says. Miller Bisher. “We invite people to meet the dogs and talk with the owners and breeders regarding the dogs’ breeds. In addition to being enjoyable to play with all dogs, it allows the public to know more about the breed before they bring one to their own home.”

The bench days last for around eight hours. When dogs are seated at their benches, they can pass the time waiting for the next competition with a nap or a final-minute grooming. Always ask permission to pet the dog, or take photos first. Here are some additional fascinating secret behind-the-scenes information of dog-related shows.

Westminster is a lover of all animals.

Yes, Westminster is a place that gives off a chic vibe with purebred dogs being groomed to perfection and surrounded by stylishly dressed judges and spectators. However, Westminster’s love for dogs extends beyond the purebred lineage of championships. Westminster’s charitable activities began in 1877 with the first show. It was so well-loved it was sold out and the club then extended the show to one more day. They also donated the money generated from the additional day’s show to ASPCA. Nowadays, Westminster’s generosity doesn’t only focus on dogs. They also offer the companion animal community in need of assistance following natural disasters, such as The Humane Society of the United States, AKC Companion Animal Recovery, AKC Humane Fund, AKC Reunite, and the ASPCA.

Looking for a new furry friend to add to your family? Look through these 47 adorable dogs in need of forever homes.

There’s more to see beyond Best in Show

The Best in Show captures the most interest. However, there are other events taking place during the WDS. For example, there’s the entertaining Master’s Agility Championship. The competition is open to all dogs, mixed breeds who have been awarded the highest ranking AKC titles. The course has the most difficult obstacles, tunnels and A-frames, jumps and an incline. It is the Masters Obedience Championship will be open to top dogs, which includes mixed breeds who have been awarded Obedience Trial Champion points. A judge will evaluate a set of training exercises that mimic the behavior desired by dogs at home, on the move as well as when engaging among other dog breeds. Here’s how to locate the top dog obedience training schools.

What’s the value of is the Best in Show winner gets

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Best in Show winner doesn’t receive any cash prize. Instead, the dog and handler receive the trophy, crystal bowl and a commemorative picture frame. “Winning Best In Show” at Westminster is the highest reward in our sport. The dog and its breeders, owners, and handlers become part of our sport’s tradition. The respect and esteem is unmatched,” says Miller Bisher.

The winner, however, does have some nice benefits. As a long-standing custom of WDS, those crowned the Best in Show dog get to feast on a great lunch–usually the Sardi’s steak famous Broadway restaurant renowned for its cartoons of showbiz celebrities that line the walls. It’s not that the status of a top dog isn’t profitable. A lot of Best in Show winners have many opportunities to make money from appearances, sponsorships, and breeding rights after retiring.

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