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25 Surprising Facts About Vermont

Vermont is the 49th-highest populated and the 45th-largest of the 50 states in the United States. It is located in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Learn more Facts About Vermont below!

The state was officially recognized in 1791 on March 4. One of the fourteen states was a part of the union. It’s three states that border it comprises Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. 

Vermont (nicknamed: Green Mountain State) includes fourteen counties. Vermont’s capital city is Montpelier. The abbreviation of Vermont is VT.

Facts about Vermont

1. Vermont was a time an independent country.

Before Vermont was made its 14th state in 1777, the country was an independent country for over 14 years. It gained its independence in 1777 after clashes over the land. The change allowed people to print their currency and enact laws against slavery, and establish a postal service.

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2. The first snow golf course was invented in Dummerston.

Dummerston is where the origins of snow golf are due to the genius of Rudyard Kipling, who invented the game at home. Rudyard Kipling is the legendary writer of his masterpiece, the Jungle Book.

3. Cow Paradise

Vermont has the highest percentage of dairy cattle in the United States. This is a concern for the entire humans in the state. It was the home of more cows than human beings in the past.

4. The First Great American Road Trip

Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson was the first person to drive an automobile in the U.S. in 1903. He was originally from Burlington. The motivation for his journey was a wager at the bar of $50. Someone was adamant Jackson reached New York City within just 90 days. Jackson took the task. Along with a 22-year-old gasoline mechanic and bicycle racer, he embarked on a goal yet to be accomplished in a pre-owned 20-horsepower Winton tour car.

It is interesting to note that Jackson identified the car as”Vermont. “Vermont.” The duo completed the trip in just 64 days and won the bet. The cost of the trip was approximately $8,000. The trip was not without challenges. They faced a variety of issues, including the failure part of the car and flat tires. However, they were positive and fought any setback that occurred.

5. Vermont’s maple syrup is a source of pride.

The state is, without doubt, the biggest producer of maple syrup in the United States. It is responsible for an astounding 35% of the amount available on the market. The syrup is produced by many locals at home, while others play an important role as large producers. Do you realize that it requires 40 gallons of sap from the maple tree to produce 1 gallon of syrup made from maple? The sap of these trees flows and is then stored in buckets. It usually occurs during the season of good weather in the early spring.

Vermont is the state that produces most maple syrup. New York is the second-biggest producer.

6. Lake Champlain’s myth of the monster lake

In the realm of lake myths about monsters, Lake Champlain is said to have a shy but friendly creature dubbed Champ. The legend caught the attention of Discovery Channel, which conducted an extensive study of the story.

7. Photography of snowflakes

Vermonters are ingenious, and it’s an unsurprising fact that Wilson Bentley, a farmer, invented a sophisticated method to capture snowflake photos. The method he developed improved the accuracy of photography since no two snowflakes are alike.

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8. Billboards are not legal.

 Billboards are not legal

A unique aspect of Vermont is that the towns and counties are not equipped with billboards. In 1968, the legislature decided to implement a state-wide restriction on the use of billboards. The state authorities implemented this policy to protect the beauty of the state. Road signs will not have any logos from commercial companies. This ban has helped increase tourism. The year 1968 was the first time Vermont was the 2nd state in America to prohibit billboards. Hawaii was the first state to make this change during the 20th century. Maine followed in the 1980s, and Alaska also did similar in 1998.

9. Warrant of Arrest for Bush and Cheney

Local officials within two Vermont towns stunned the entire nation in 2008 by passing resolutions directed at the arrest of former President George W. Bush and his ally Dick Cheney. The resolution stated that anyone could trigger a citizen’s arrest should the pair visit Marlboro and Brattleboro. The town voted to do so because they believed their two officials violated the Constitution.

10. Snowboarding

The state of Washington has a special position in snowboarding history. One of the residents, Jake Burton, a former ski racer, created and produced specialized boards following having participated in the sport of snuffing. The snowboarders had snuffers and were referred to as the sport under a similar name back in the day.

11. No skyscrapers are in Vermont.

Vermont is home to small buildings that don’t meet the criteria of skyscrapers. Compared with buildings in different states, Vermont has a distinct advantage as the only state without skyscrapers. The highest building in Vermont (Decker Towers) comes with only 11 stories and is 124 feet high.

12. The largest outdoor astronomy course

The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, hosted the biggest outdoor astronomy class on August 10, 2018, as per the Guinness Book of World Records (GBWR). The attendance was 1580! At the event! The event was organized to promote the importance of the Fairbanks Museum, and Planetarium is the only open Planetarium within the State of Alaska. The planetarium-goers and other visitors anticipate the next solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. St. Johnsbury is expected to be the first town to experience a momentary blackout in the event.

13. Starting from the Champlain Sea to a lake

Lake Champlain is one of the largest bodies of water in the United States and was an ocean. The status of the lake changed as it became clear that the glaciers from the Ice Age had receded. In the past, the land ascended above sea level and created being called the Champlain Sea.

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14. Two presidents were born in the same place.

Vermont is the home of Chester A. Arthur, the 21st U.S. President, and Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President. Arthur was President between 1881-and 1885 and was born in Fairfield, and Coolidge was born in Plymouth. Both were vice presidents before becoming President following the deaths of the incumbent presidents.

15. The only President of the 4th of July

John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was born in Vermont and is the only President to have the distinction of having an Independence Day birthday! Coolidge was the son of a father who served as a notary public and was inaugurated to be the thirty the President of the U.S. under kerosene light. The father of the President administered it with the Bible of his family. The 30 eighth President of the United States was born on July 4, 1872. July 1872.

16. The biggest number of Cadillac cars to ever be paraded

Everybody loves parades, isn’t it? If it’s a parade featuring classic and contemporary Cadillacs in the home of the person who invented the Cadillac! On August 17 August 17, 2011, an event with 298 Cadillac automobiles at Barton, Vermont, honored Henry M. Leland, the creator of Cadillac, in 1902. The event was recognized in the GBWR for the most amount of Cadillac cars ever in the parade. And is often referred to by the name of “Master of Precision” due to his strict standards, had several descendants who live in the vicinity.

17. Home of Ben & Jerry’s

The state is also the birthplace of the well-known brand of ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s. The company is still operating from its headquarters in Vermont. Local farmers are benefited from Ben and Jerry’s commercial operations since they get the ice cream scraps to provide food for the hops.

The world’s most well-known Ice cream place, Ben and Jerry, was started by its creators after they took an inexpensive $5 correspondence course on ice cream making. The initial cost was $12,000. The couple began their first ice cream scoop shop inside an old gas station situated in Burlington, Vermont.

18. Reelection in prison

Local politicians are often in the headlines for funny actions or other behavior. Matthew “Mad Matt” Lyon was informed of his reelection while in prison. The charismatic Vermonter was in the crosshairs of the law after making defamatory remarks against the President.

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19. The First Postage Stamps

The first stamp for postage by the U.S. was made in Brattleboro in 1846.

20. Unusual mountain names

The state is home to several famous mountains with not uncommon names. However, there are also mountain ranges with terrifying names. A few of these mountain ranges that have bizarre ones are Terrible Mountain, Devils Gap, and Vulture Mountain.

21. The last state without Walmart Walmart

Vermont was the first state to have a Walmart store in 1996. The chain has added several more stores in the years since.

22. Moonlight is too challenging for Vermonters

In the latter part of the 1990s, the song Moonlight was rejected as an official state song because it was considered too difficult to sing for the locals.

23. Vermont The name Vermont: the name?

It is believed that the name Vermont is believed to have come because French explorationist Samuel de Champlain when he saw the green mountain, uttered the words”vert “green” and mont “mountain.” He was the first European to travel to the region.

24. The longest duration of a balance board

On June 29, 2019, in Charlotte, Vermont, Cally was awarded the honor of having the most duration on a balance board. It took eight hours, just two and a half seconds. Wow! What endurance! The GBWR states that she is from a family with a lot of success. Tatum, her sister Tatum was the former record holder.

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25. Ethan Allen and the Vermont connection

The multinational furniture company, Ethan Allen, was named in honor of the Vermont Revolutionary leader.

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