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12 Scary Facts About Vampires

Vampires are a constant source of fascination since they’re immortal; however, how much do you know about vampires? We’ve collected twelve of the most interesting vampire information and theories to quench your curiosity. Read on to discover why vampires consume blood, the best way to kill vampires, and more!

Vampire Facts

1. Vampires have been talked about for a Long Time.

The myth that the vampire is a myth has been circulated throughout the centuries in various cultures. The first vampire story goes back to the ancient times of Greece, and its civilization lasted between 1200 and 323 BCE. At the time, there were tales of people being slain and then drained of bodily fluids (they believed this was an indication that they were vampiric). The modern vampire drinks the blood of their victims. These attacks certainly started the story of the vampire.

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2. Why do vampires drink blood?

Blood-drinking vampires fight to live and, secondly, to have fun. The distinction might seem insignificant. However, not all vampires enjoy draining blood from living creatures (mostly human beings). Blood drinking for vampires could be compared to humans drinking food and drinks. They require blood to stay alive. Apart from blood, vampires are believed to consume other elements of human bodies, including saliva, thoughts, and the fluids that are exchanged during sexual activities. Although all vampires must drink blood, certain depictions of vampires disapprove of killing or hurting humans; therefore, they consume blood from animals.

3. How do Vampires Influence the Mind

There are a variety of abilities in the myth of the vampire based on the mythology’s source. One of these abilities is the manipulation and consumption of the thoughts of a victim. For instance, in some stories, it is believed that vampires can sense the feelings of their victims and absorb their thoughts to varying extents. The vampires might also manipulate how their subjects think by compulsion. It allows vampires to look into the eyes of humans and alter their memory and thoughts. Most often, on television, they employ the power of compulsion to erase their memories from the human bodies of their victims.

4. The Reasons Vampires Have to be “Undead”

A lot of the powers of vampires could be due to the fact that they’re no longer human beings and are instead supernatural creatures classified as “undead.” Being undead persons, their daily functions differ from the lives of dead or living beings, including the requirement for sustenance and methods of reproduction.

5. How do vampires reproduce

The methods of reproduction vampires use differ from the living creatures. Making more vampires could be useful in boosting an existing coven or clan. For instance, vampires could transform mortals into vampires by biting them but not removing them from their blood. This can result in the transfer of blood from vampires or venom to the human as well as the human who is living after the vampire has finished eating, as in The Twilight Saga novels and films.

Another method for vampires to transform human beings into vampires is to kill humans with the blood of vampires in their body, then drink human blood after they wake up, as seen during The Vampire Diaries television show and the books. The process is based on blood exchanges and the death of the person who has vampire blood flowing through their veins. After they are awake “in the state of transition,” the vampires must eat human blood, essentially completing the cycle or dying. They can also transform into humans by drinking the majority of the blood of a human and making them take vampire blood, as seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

6. How Dracula became a vampire

The most well-known vampire of the genre Count Dracula, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, creates more vampires by biting human beings (spreading the blood of his victims and poison); however, the method by which he is his “original” vampire is a matter of debate. In the novel about vampires Bram Stoker’s Dracula, It is believed that Dracula Dracula makes use of his vast training and knowledge as well as some “black supernatural powers” to become immortal.

In the film Francis Ford Coppola’s version of Dracula film, Dracula becomes a vampire due to his wife’s refusal to go to Heaven. In addition, his wife, Elisabeta, commits suicide because of false information about Dracula’s death while fighting as an army soldier. Thus her soul can’t remain pure and go to Heaven.

This is why Dracula uses black magic and transforms into a vampire because of his unending love for his deceased wife. By relying on her oath to become a vampire, he transforms himself into a vampire and begins the race of vampires in this World. Black magical and suicidal are two ways of becoming a vampire. In various other television and film adaptations of Dracula, there is a story behind another vampire who joined the vampire race.

7. How to Harm or Kill a Vampire

The most popular methods to kill vampires include a stake of wood through the heart and exposure to sunlight. Other methods include decapitation and elimination of the heart, as well as contact with fire. They also have items that harm them or reduce their capabilities, like garlic, water running, and objects related to Christianity, like holy water and crucified crosses. Vampires are often allowed into the home of a human in the event that the deed is made done in the Name of a person. This provides an extra layer of security to humans from being snatched away and also a chance for the human to “consent” to the entry of a vampire into their home.

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8. The Vampire Connection to “Vlad the Impaler”

The story of the legend of the vampire goes back to the beginning of Greece. The most well-known vampire known, Count Dracula, is, in fact, loosely based on Vlad III of Wallachia. The bloodline of Vlad III was honored in the Order of the Dragon, an elite warring family where “Dracul” and “Drac” were taken from, hence the modern Dracula, the Name of the vampire Dracula. Vlad III was also known as “Vlad the Impaler” due to his lust for blood and desire to impale his enemies to rid them of them. It is believed that Vlad summoned many boyars (Russians who were members of the old Aristocracy, which was at the top of the pyramid) and then stabbed them and buried their bodies on stakes to allow others to see. This horrific act is just one way in which Vlad’s actions earned him the moniker “Vlad The Impaler.”

9. It’s the Vampire Disease: Porphyria

Vampire-like behaviors are frequently associated with the genetically rare blood disease called porphyria. This type of illness is related to the accumulation of porphyrin, which aids hemoglobin in bringing oxygen to the bloodstream. This causes a dull appearance, with a tendency to cause it causes a stretch and yellowing of the skin. Patients with this disease may experience itchy or inflamed skin, which can make their skin more vulnerable to photos and sunlight. Urine could turn darker Brown or even red. Additionally, individuals may experience an underlying disorder of madness when symptoms aren’t managed appropriately. The symptoms of porphyria led to it being referred to in the form of “the bloody vampire.”

10. Why are vampires not reflected?

It is widely believed that vampires lack an image because of the fact that they have a “soulless characteristic.” This is due to the bizarre nature of vampires because they feed off human blood and resist limits on age and power. Another possibility is that vampires are demons who don’t deserve to be considered. Soulless creatures may represent non-stable entities, indicating the vampire’s ability to transform into and/or control bats or wolves, etc.

11. Take note of Redhead.

In medieval times, those with red hair were considered as being vampires. Similar to the past in Greece, the people believed that redheads became vampires when they died. The early Greeks burned the bodies of redheads prior to burial to prevent their bodies from rising out of their graves.

12. How to properly bury an undead vampire

Although it isn’t possible to end the undead’s reign, however, a funeral for the vampire is the most effective way to ensure that a vampire stays kept in a secluded area indefinitely is possible. Wooden stakes are typically placed through the Chest of a vampire in order to secure it to the coffin. In addition, a vampire may be laid to rest in a grave with the expectation that it will sink further into the Earth in the event it tries to rise.

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