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8 Amazing Facts About Ursula Corbero

All would agree that it’s wrong to love criminals. But, then again, who doesn’t love Tokyo? Tokyo (aka Silene Oliveira) is the face behind Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), a show that redefines crime drama and is most-watched on Netflix. Read some amazing Facts About Ursula Corbero here!

Ursula Corbero is the woman behind this name. She is a well-known face to Netflix viewers thanks to her performance as Ruth Gomez in Fisica o Quimica, Physics Or Chemistry. Corbero is as fascinating as the characters she plays. These are some fascinating facts you should know before buying your next Dali mask from Tokyo.

Kayleigh Banks updated December 13th, 2021: Money Heist is dangerous. Fans went into Part 5 expecting more deaths and casualties. Tokyo, the show’s main narrator and protagonist, was the only person they didn’t expect to be killed.

Fans were devastated to see that the show’s heart was gone, considering how she played an essential role in the heists and had great relationships with other heist members. Fans shouldn’t be disappointed, as Ursula Corbero did receive an impressive send-off. The actor has also begun to gain new projects, including a major Hollywood movie.

1. You can succeed through thick and thin

Tokyo raises her hand in a rock n roll salute as she looks back at someone in Money Heist Season 5.

Born Ursula Corbero Delgado in Saint Pele De Vilamajor, Barcelona, to Pedro Corbero, a carpenter, and Esther Delgado. Although she is not from an acting family, her passion for the profession has never been diminished. She was not able to break into showbiz. Her family was struggling, so her decision to pursue a career in showbiz was even more difficult.

Europapapress reports that her mother, who worked odd jobs to support her family, had to give up her afternoons to drive young Corbero to castings in Barcelona (more than 60km away). As she walked with her 6-year old daughter, Corbero, to attend acting classes and castings, she asked her boss to take her afternoon pay. Contrary to Tokyo’s mother, who surrendered her to the police, Corbero, her mother supported her dreams at all costs, and they are still close.

2. Her early career

Corbero’s natural talent is what made her stand out on Catalan TV. While Netflix viewers have seen the best of Corbero’s performances, Catalan TV fans saw the best of her early days. At just 13 years old, she began her career as Maria on the Spanish TV Show Mirall Trencat in 2002.

Although she only appeared in three episodes, it was enough to be cast in other commercials. She was released as Sara in Ventdelpla in 2005. She appeared in seven episodes. After moving to Madrid, she began her role in Fisica o Quimica, her breakthrough role.

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3. She is Catalan-Raised

A photo of Ursula Corbero in Who Killed Bambi?

Catalonian independence is sensitive for all Catalan citizens. Corbero has been asked questions about the topic as she is one of the most well-known Catalan celebrities. Although she can speak English, Spanish and Catalan fluently, she prefers to use Spanish in public.

However, her Catalan heritage didn’t hinder her early career. She sailed through castings and rose to fame as a teenager in Madrid. She has not taken sides publicly so far. Although she claimed she had friends from both sides (according to El Mundo), she condemned police brutality for supporting the protesters following the Catalonian Independence Referendum 2017.

4. Ursula’s Worst Money Heist Scene

Remember the scene in Season 3 where the professor looked at his GPS and said to everyone that they had crossed international waters. Everyone was celebrating. It wasn’t marked by the cast, as they were on high seas off Thailand and had to wear winter clothes in the heat of the sun (via Express).

Miguel Herran, the actor who plays Rio, was the most severely affected. He suffered from heatstroke. They all vomited but managed to maintain a happy mood long enough for the scene to be shown on the screen. Corbero stated that she wasn’t feeling well when they arrived on the shore.

5. He views Tokyo’s love for Rio

Tokyo and Rio are involved in a toxic relationship threatening the professor’s gang. However, none of them seem ready to leave. Many fans enjoy the toxic relationship between the two, and Corbero is as unsure about it as the rest.

Identity Magazine asked her to confess to her love for Tokyo due to her bravery and strength. However, she felt that she needed to be more confident in herself and allow her vulnerability to show at some point. According to her, Rio and Tokyo are toxic due to Tokyo’s personality. Corbero, like all the other fans, is delighted by Miguel Herran’s 24-Year-Old portrayal of Rio.

6. She is a real-life activist

Corbero, just like Tokyo, is an activist. She uses her vast social media following to fight for women’s rights and not guns. Corbero is a strong feminist who admits that feminists must be radical at times if they want to end the centuries of oppression women have endured and continue to face. Her mother and her elder sister were victims of gender bias. This explains why she chose activism.

Her mother is her greatest inspiration. She was only 17 when she became pregnant with Monica, Ursula’s older sister. Her mother was seen as a bad example and faced discrimination in her neighborhood and school. Even though she graduated with high grades, her sister struggled to feed her child and find work (via Europapapress).

7. Miguel Herran is her relationship with her

Corbero needed to have a good relationship and trust with Herran to be Tokyo. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Herran was her favorite Money Heist co-star. Identity Magazine said she doesn’t have a favorite Money Heist co-star, but she did enjoy working with Rodrigo De Serna and Jaime Lorente. Herran was also a fantastic actor like Rio, Tokyo’s confused young boyfriend.

Corbero and Herran spiced up the situation by sharing photos of them on social media and in GQ Magazine. Ursula and Miguel were seen kissing in an Instagram photo, but they only teased fans as she is currently in a long-term relationship with Chino Darin.

8. Her love life

Corbero was first in a relationship with Israel Rodriguez, her Fisica o Quimica star, who she dated between 2008 and 2010. This relationship did not last. In 2011, Feliciano Lopez, a Spanish tennis player, began to date her. However, they split up after only a few months. From 2013 to 2016, she began dating Andres Velencoso (a Spanish actor and model).

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