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Fun Facts About Triangles

Learn about the 3-sided polygon and enjoy a variety of Facts About Triangles for children. You’ll surely remember your school days reading these if you are a parent.

Information about equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles. Scalene triangles. Obtuse triangles. Right angle triangles. The hypotenuse. Angles of a triangle. Our trivia and interesting triangle facts will help you improve your geometry knowledge.

Facts About Triangles

  • Triangles are polygons that have three sides or less.
  • Each of the three angles within a triangle is always equal to 180 degrees.
  • An equilateral triangle is a triangle with three sides equal in length and three angles.
  • An isosceles triangle consists of two sides with equal length and two angles.

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  • Scalene triangles have no sides with equal lengths or angles.
  • A 90-degree angle defines a right-angle triangle.
  • An obtuse triangle is one with a greater angle than 90 degrees.
  • An acute triangle is a set of angles with angles less than 90 degrees.
  • The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angle triangle. It is always located opposite the right angle.
  • Trigonometry studies the relationship between angles and sides of triangles.
  • Because of their strength, triangle shapes are common in construction.
  • You’re now an expert in triangles. Learn quadrilaterals, squares, and other 2-D polygon shapes.

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  • 180180 is the sum of all three angles in a triangle.
  • An acute triangular is a triangle in which each angle measures less than 9090.
  • An Obtuse Triangle is a triangle whose angle is larger than 9090.
  • right triangular is a triangle that has an angle of 9090. The hypotenuse is the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle. The legs are the two other sides.
  • An isosceles triangular refers to a triangle in the length of which both sides are equal. In this instance, the angles that run across the sides of the triangle with equal length are equal.
  • An Equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all three sides are equal in length. An equilateral triangle is a triangle in which each angle has a measurement of 60. 60 “>
  • 90 is the sum of the measurements of the two acute angles in a right triangle. The diagram to the right shows a+b=90
  • The Pythagorean theorem. The square of the hypotenuse in a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the two other sides. The diagram to the right shows that c2=a2+b2

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There are three types: the equilateral triangle, the isosceles triangle, and the scalene triangle. The length of the equilateral triangle is equal. It has three sides. The angles where the sides of the triangle meet equal 60 degrees. The isosceles triangle contains two congruent sides and two angles. The most common type is the scalene triangle. It has neither equal sides nor angles.


Each triangle’s inner angles equal 180 degrees. You can subtract the sum of the two triangle angles to find the unknown angle. An acute angle is any angle below 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is an angle measuring more than 90 degrees.

Right Triangles

Any triangle with a 90-degree angle is referred to as a right triangle. Many math books will show the 90-degree angle for a right triangle with an image of a square. This makes it easy to identify this type of triangle. The hypotenuse is the longest side of a triangle. The length of any side of a right triangle is known. You can use the equation a2+b2 =c2, where “c,” the length of the hypotenuse, and “a” or “b” the lengths on the other sides to find the unknown side.

Complex polygons

Any polygon such as a square or octagon can be divided into several triangles. If you know the length of at most one side of a complex shape like an octagon and pentagon, you can divide it into triangles. Calculate the areas of triangles to find the total area of the complex shape. The area of a triangle equals half its length multiplied by its height.

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