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Facts About Trading Platforms

As technology advances, investing in the stock market has become easier and quicker. The Internet has allowed investors to understand various strategies for investing and trading strategies without difficulty.

Because everything is now online, stock trading online is now a trend that has many advantages. There is a lot of Facts About Trading Platforms that is unknown to most investors. Let’s discuss the five facts about stock trading online —

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Facts About Trading Platforms

Golden rule 72

The 72-hour rule is an extremely fundamental idea of the financial market and is one of the most popular facts about the stock market. This is a rule that investors use to figure out the amount of time needed to double their investment. If the fixed annual rate of interest is known, you can estimate the amount of time needed to make the investment double. Let’s explore this share market phenomenon using an illustration.

Let’s take an example of an investor who invests 50,00000 rupees. The rate of interest is 8 percent.. applying the rule of 72, the amount of time needed to double the amount invested will be 72/8=9 years i.e., it will take nine years to double your investment. It is possible to use this rule effectively for a low-interest rate.

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It is normal for mistakes to happen.

Price and quantity are important variables and investors must concentrate on these factors prior to making an investment decision. The investor should be cognizant of his choice regarding pricing and quantity. Any slight misinterpretation of thinking that price is the same as amount and vice versa could result in massive losses. The Indian exchanges function at a speed of a only a few microseconds. Once the order is made, it cannot be reversed.

BSE is the longest-running exchange of stocks in Asia

It is among the fascinating facts about the market. BSE is the oldest exchange of shares in Asia. It was established during the late 19th century, by Indian commercialist Premchand Roychand. He was referred to as the King of the cotton, the bullion, and the Big Bull during the Big Bull. In the beginning, at the time that Bombay Stock Exchange was found it was referred to as”the Native Share and Stockbrokers Association.

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BSE is the longest-running exchange in Asia, and more than 500 businesses are listed on this exchange. This means that BSE is one of the few exchanges with the largest number of listed companies worldwide. With BSE, it has 23 additional exchanges operating in India. Before 1995 only physical trading was carried out but to make the trading processing more productive,, dematerialization was implemented.

Most expensive stocks in the world

Berkshire Hathaway is the costliest company globally. one share of the company can cost you more than 2 crore. Berkshire Hathaway Inc is an American Multinational Conglomerate with its headquarters located in Nebraska, United States. It is the biggest financial services company that earns the highest revenues globally.

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger run the company and they both serve as Chairman and Vice-Chairman in the firm. On February 1, 2019 the shares were sold at $313,350, making it the highest-priced stock around the globe. It’s one of the most expensive shares since it was never split and hasn’t ever paid dividends, except one time.

Markets: The Bull and the Bear Market

If you are familiar with the fundamentals of trading trading, you’ve encountered the bull and the bear market ideas. The market is believed to be bullish when prices of stocks are skyrocketing and the general market is optimistic. The increasing prices of stocks are like the bull’s horns which always point towards the sky.

While when the market is described as a bearish market, it refers to the bear’s hand that always faces the ground. So, when the market is in bearish mode, prices of stocks are declining and the overall mood of the market is negative.

These are some of the lesser known and interesting facts about the Indian stock market. Share market information like this makes investors interested in the Indian market for stocks.

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Harrison Jones
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