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10 Interesting Facts About Tokyo

Japan is a fascinating country, and it’s not just a matter of time. Therefore, it is only natural that Japan’s capital city could be equally fascinating!

It’s a unique and exciting experience, particularly for visitors from Western tourists. There’s a lot to do and see and experience that many Western cities can’t provide or, in certain instances, choose not to.

It’s not easy to locate a place filled with reserved and serious people, which can also be one of the most bizarre cities to visit worldwide.

The best way to experience it is to make sure you book your flight, head to the beach, and relax. Here are some Facts About Tokyo.

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10 Interesting Facts About Tokyo, Japan

1. Tokyo has been the Japanese Capital since 1868.

It was once an unimportant fishing village known as Edo. Edo was later declared the capital city of the Imperial Empire of Japan and later was changed to Tokyo. Tokyo means Eastern Capital.

2. English is not widely spoken.

If you travel to other big Asian cities, you’ll notice that life will be quite easy for you if you’re speaking English.

If you’re visiting Singapore and Hong Kong, you’ll find that English is the official language. More people are fluent in English in their homes in Singapore than in any other. The same is true for Hong Kong. More than half the population speaks Hong Kong.

If you’re trying to make it in Tokyo, you’ll likely have to master a bit of Japanese or have trouble with the simplest of tasks.

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3. More likely to Miss Mount Fuji

The most romantic photographs of Tokyo are those with the famous Mount Fuji in the distance as it looks down on the city of Tokyo. The perfect contrast between the natural World and our modern lives.

Although Mount Fuji is within reach of the naked eye, pollution and weather conditions can make it appear less than 80 days of the year.

4. More neon signs in Tokyo Than Anywhere else in the World

It’s true the fact that Tokyo is more illuminated than, say, Piccadilly Circus and Times Square, for example, but is it even more than Las Vegas?!

It’s. It has many more roads than Las Vegas, and more often than not, neon lights light the whole street.

5. There’s no more secure city in the World.

Tokyo is huge, bustling, and loud. But it’s also safe for tourists of all types. Criminals are rare in the country. Tourists are virtually not even heard of.

It’s not only an opinion. Tokyo frequently features on the top of safety lists and has low crime rates.

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6. Living in the Box

Space is scarce in every city. However, in Tokyo, it’s an absolute scarce thing. The result is the growth of “capsule hotels.”

They are micro-hotel ‘rooms that allow guests to squeeze into a smaller capsule than their body and can be used for an affordable overnight stay.

They’ll make you wish for large apartment rentals that come with services in Tokyo and from firms like the squat. Re.

7. Tokyo, The Busiest Pedestrian Crossing in the World

You might find this difficult to believe if you’ve witnessed the crowds of people strolling through Oxford Circus in London when the green man is seen.

But, Shibuya Crossing regularly sees upwards of two and half thousand people traversing it simultaneously. That’s a lot of people!

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8. Tax-Free Tourists Cannot Pay Taxes on their purchases.

It’s true! Tokyo might be known as one of some of the costliest cities around the globe ($40 watermelon, anyone? ), But most people don’t know that they can purchase tax-free in licensed shops as a foreigner.

Just make sure you have spent more than 5000 yen and carry your passport.

9. People are employed to push you onto Busy Trains.

This isn’t a fable. This is 100% true!

They are also known as Oshiya, which loosely translates to “Pushers.” You may be surprised to learn that their official title is “Passenger Arrange Staff”!

Their work is just what it sounds like. In busy times, station staff pushes people onto trains with many passengers to bring the maximum number of people onto trains as feasible.

10. Tokyo is home to the Best Restaurants in the World.

Many people complain that they feel that the Michelin stars rating is biased toward Paris. But, the majority of people do not realize that the city that has the highest number of three-star Michelin restaurants is part of Tokyo.

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