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12 Interesting Facts About Titanosaurus

Titanosaurus is the name of a species belonging to Sauropod dinosaurs, which is extremely massive (approximately 30- 40 feet). Have a look at amazing Facts About Titanosaurus below!

The Titanosaurus dinosaur is amazing and is unique on its very own. It doesn’t matter if you have been unfamiliar with this species before, and maybe it’s the first time you have ever read a dinosaur-related article!

However, don’t fret. Let’s learn more about the beast a little more thoroughly. At the end of this report, let us know whether Titanosaurus is included at the top of your “Top Ten List of Dinos,” … Or are I the only one to have listed? ???

Facts About Titanosaurus

1. Finally, a firm foundation

Lydekkar first identified Titanosaurus in 1877. The author stated that the habitat is mostly found in India, and fossils were discovered in the Lamenta Formation.

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2. The Name

The word ‘Titanosaurus’ translates to “titanic Lizard.” The name was chosen to honor Titan Gods used in Greek Mythology.

3. Doubly

Titanosaurus is regarded as a name dubious (“dubious title”) by the majority of paleontologists because the first Titanosaurus specimens are difficult to distinguish from other species.

4. Assigning Species

Many species are assigned to Titanosaurus that range from Central America to Europe. However, only two species are considered: T. indicus and T. Blandford.

5. The Water Monster Following It

In the film 1975″Terror of Mechagodzilla,” from 1975 The water monster in the movie has been named “Titanosaurus.”

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6. The Neck

Compared with other Sauropods, Titanosaurus did not have vertebrae with hollow bones due to its shorter neck. So, reducing neck weight wasn’t required.

7. Bone plates

It was equipped with bone plates on the dorsal sides of the body to shield against predators.

Source:, Image: Flickr

8. General Tips

Titanosaurus was four-legged and was lizard-hip in structure, and was an herbivore. Its primary foe was Abelisaurus.

9. Flexible

The dino could move an agile neck compared to other dinos of similar species.

10. Recent Changes

The species was first discovered around 130 years ago, making it a brand new species. “Titanosaurus” isn’t the proper name for it. This is the reason for the dubious claim.

11. The Museum is not open!

Titanosaurus’s neck is so high that it will require five floors to cover the entire structure completely.

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12. There’s No Skull for This One

Even though the entire earth has been excavated to find this animal, the skull was not discovered!

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