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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Thomas Jefferson

Who was Thomas Jefferson? Many people will answer that he was the writer of the Declaration of Independence, a former president, or a founding father. Each of these options is true. However, there are other fascinating Facts About Thomas Jefferson that many people do not know about.

In addition to achieving many titles in politics, Jefferson did work trying to reduce poverty and improve diplomacy and education both inside and out of his native United States of America, but these initiatives are usually unknown.

We must uncover the efforts of Jefferson on these fronts by looking at these top 10 fascinating Facts About Thomas Jefferson. Let’s have a look!

Facts About Thomas Jefferson

  1. He was a U.S. Minister to France. Jefferson had a huge appreciation for French culture. He was fascinated by its food, art, and architecture. But he also was opposed to the French aristocracy and was unsatisfied with the level of the poor in France. Jefferson was disappointed by the massive amount of poverty in France and was quoted as saying, “I find the general fate of humanity here, most deplorable.”
  2. Jefferson believed in needy houses. Poorhouses were institutions that cared for the people of the lower classes. Jefferson thought that poorhouses were not adequately funded and were not achieving their goals. Throughout his political career, Jefferson supported and advocated for reforming poorhouses.
  3. He would like all children to be able to access education. In his Notes on the state of Virginia, Jefferson states that every child should be taught something like “some art, trade or business” However, before that, they should be in public schools for a minimum of 3 years. Jefferson wanted to provide education to all kids, particularly those who couldn’t afford it, even though it was at the expense of public funds.
  4. Jefferson put his private thoughts about poverty in his Declaration of Independence. Jefferson has spent a large portion of his career in politics trying to protect ordinary people from aristocratic oppression. Jefferson expressed his personal beliefs within the Declaration of Independence when he declared that everyone is given the rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” In Jefferson’s view, the fact that all people were born equal.
  5. Jefferson believed that self-reliance was the best way to go. Jefferson believed the government should take responsibility in the case of the poor. However, He also wanted to go further than the limits of this. Jefferson would like to help the poor become self-sufficient to flourish. Many of his ideas on poverty focused on immediate needs and were intended to serve as temporary solutions until the person was able to recover.
  6. Jefferson believes in the importance of health treatment. Jefferson believed in the importance of an active life. Jefferson believed the following “without health; there is no happiness.” Jefferson tried numerous times to enhance the health care system in his entire life. While in Paris, Jefferson worked alongside reformers of health care to improve the French health system. Jefferson carried his love of health with him into America. The United States fought to eliminate health disparities in health care among Americans.
  7. He was a supporter of the French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson believed that all people should enjoy liberty from one revolution to the next and was a vocal advocate for his French Revolution. In the course of the revolution, Jefferson allowed Marquis de Lafayette and his fellow rebels to hold meetings at his private home. He also helped Lafayette in writing the Declaration of the Rights of Man.
  8. Jefferson was adamant that slaves should get an education. In a letter Jefferson sent in the name of Robert Pleasants, he advocated the Virginian educational system to provide education to slaves to prepare them for freedom. Jefferson was adamant Peasants to pass this law. Jefferson believed that education was an opportunity to empower the weak to become self-sufficient.
  9. Jefferson was a diplomat. Jefferson was a major contributor to U.S. foreign policy. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs in France, He negotiated an extremely successful commercial treaty with Prussia. In his presidency, he ended the long-running disputes with France about navigation rights along the Mississippi River when he purchased the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte.
  10. The Secretary of State was George Washington. Thomas Jefferson was the first Secretary of State. The appointment was made in 1790 and remained in office until 1793. During his time as Secretary of State, Jefferson was able to implement the strategy of non-intervention in the conflict fought between England and France.

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Wrap Up

These top 10 fascinating facts about Thomas Jefferson illustrate how even over 200 years before, the founding fathers were working to tackle issues that our world confronts in the present.

In the case of Jefferson, as if being the creator of the Declaration of Independence and President of the United States wasn’t already enough, this list of top 10 fascinating pieces of information regarding Thomas Jefferson reveals his efforts to alleviate poverty, improve education, and hostile foreign relations.

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