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20 Interesting Facts About the Internet

We need it. We love it. We couldn’t imagine life without it. We salute the Internet!
Here are some fascinating facts about the Internet that will amaze you!!

The Internet is an extraordinary, wild and spectacular invention that is undoubtedly one of the most impressive modern technological marvels. In the 1960s, there was no internet. It was funded by the military project that aimed to connect computers.

The need to connect that desire to unite in sharing information and learn everything we can about each other is a part of humanity and is expressed on the Internet. Today billions of people share their ideas, experiences, and data with the rest of the world online, and it’s difficult to even for us, born before Generation Z, to imagine living without it.

Look through this collection of fascinating internet information, facts about the Internet and discover how much you are aware of the Internet!

Fascinating Facts About The Internet!!!

Fascinating Facts About Internet

Booking train schedules, making reservations at restaurants, and donating to fun runs with friends, and more – the Internet is long gone from being just a tool exclusively for work. The Internet has indeed transformed our lives both at the workplace as well as at home. We use the Internet daily to perform numerous tasks that we cannot even imagine how we used to do before it. The technology and background of this vital everyday tool are truly amazing. Here are 21 amazing internet-related facts that you likely did not even know about.

  1. The Internet was first invented more than 40 years ago in the beer garden! Who says that the best concepts don’t originate from an alcoholic drink!
  2. Today, 3.6 billion people use the Internet, more than half of the population connected to the web, just like you.
  3. It may be only the other day we were dialing into our Internet connection. However, wireless Internet was created in September 1990! WiFi is just several years away from celebrating its 30th anniversary!
  4. With an astounding seven percent of all mobile communication transmitted over wireless Internet WiFi, it is the most powerful transmitter of information across the globe.
  5. The previous name for wireless Internet included WaveLAN, FlankSpeed, DragonFly, WECA, and IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence before the more common name of WiFi was used.

Amazing Facts About The Internet

1. It’s been 9110 years since the Internet was created now.

2. If the Internet was weighed at a weight of 2 two ounces (50 grams). What is the best way to measure how much weight is accumulated by the Internet? Physics professor Russel Seitz measured the weight of billions of electrons, which constitute the data we transfer each day back and forth.

3. YouTube uploads videos for 72 hours every minute. This is true, but it’s mostly pet videos of humans.

4. The estimated number of internet users is approximately 3.26 billion worldwide, or less than half of the Earth’s total population.

5. Do you access Google to browse the web? Google averages nearly 3 billion searches per day.

6. The amount of people in China who are internet users (640 million) is more than double that of the total United States.

7. A librarian named Jean Armor Polly coined the term “internet surfing” in 1992.

8. One of the pioneers of web technology, as we have Tim Berners-Lee, has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Fascinating Facts About the Internet

9. Korean pop sensation Psy’s “Gangnam Style” record for YouTube’s most-viewed video ever. The video has been watched more than 2 billion times since July 15th in 2012 (exactly four years since today!)

10. 87% of the population has never heard of the Internet of Things.’

11. It is predicted that by 2020, about a quarter of a million vehicles will be connected to the Internet.

12. China has a rehabilitation camp for those suffering from addiction to the Internet.

13. The first live webcam video comes coming from The University of Cambridge. The topic to the initial live feed of the video? A coffee maker.

14. The majority of the internet usage is not carried out by humans instead-but through malware and bots who make up two-thirds of all internet traffic.

15. is the very first domain registered.

16. The first email to be sent out ever got out was sent by an IT salesman called Gary Thuerk in 1978.

17. Asia is responsible for 1.7 billion users of the web’s 3.26 billion people.

18. Media streaming and file sharing are the main reason for more than half the traffic on the Internet.

19. ATMs, dating as far back as 1974, are thought to be the first Internet of Things objects.

20. If the Internet could be defined in terms of horsepower, it requires fifty million HP to operate it today.

Wrapping Up

It’s been almost 40 years ago since the Internet was created. Today, with millions of users and a growing number of users, it is hard to imagine what we would have done without it. Over the years, lots of interesting facts about the Internet have come to light.

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