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20 Interesting Facts About The Ganges River

The River Ganges, also known as the Ganga, flows for 2,525 km (1,569 miles) across the Himalayan mountains and into the Bay of Bengal in northern India and Bangladesh.

The Ganges River begins in the Himalayas’ Gangotri Glacier. The glacier is located at an altitude of 3892m (12,769 feet).

The River Ganges runs across the nations that comprise India along with Bangladesh.

Most of the time, The Ganges runs through Indian territory, but its huge delta within the Bengal region, which is part of the Brahmaputra River, is located mainly in Bangladesh.

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20 Ganges River Facts for Kids

  1. The Ganges River is a watercourse that runs between two regions in Asia.
  2. The Ganges River is most well-known as one of the most polluted river systems in the World.
  3. The Ganges River flows through two countries in Asia, and these are India in the first place and Bangladesh.
  4. The Ganges River starts from the Gangotri Glacier, located in the Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand, India, Asia.
  5. Some of the main branches of the Ganges River are Burhi Gandak, Gandaki Koshi, Ghaghara, Gomti, Mahananda, Punpun, Ramganga, Son, Tamsa, and Yamuna.
  6. The Ganges River is finished at the point it enters the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean.
  7. The size of the basin of the Ganges River is over 500,000 square miles.
  8. The distance of the Ganges River is 1,680 miles.
  9. The Ganges River is the longest river in India.
  10. The Ganges River is the 4th longest river in Bangladesh.
  11. The Ganges River is the 16th longest river on the Asian continent.
  12. The Ganges River is the 35th longest river in the World.
  13. Its average water depth for the Ganges River is 52 feet.
  14. The lowest point in the Ganges River is around 100 feet.
  15. The Ganges River is home to numerous species of amphibians, fish, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians.
  16. There are estimated to be 140 species of fish and 90 amphibian species that live in the Ganges River.
  17. The high levels of pollution are dangerous for all animals that live in and around the Ganges River.
  18. An estimated 40 million inhabitants are in the vicinity of the Ganges River.
  19. Humans also face threats from the high levels of pollution within the Ganges River.
  20. The pollution of the water on the Ganges River is caused by the discharge of sewage as well as industrial waste and plastic objects.

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