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11 Crazy Facts About The Black Death!

Without understanding what caused it or the best way to treat it, millions were ultimately victimized by what is now known as the bubonic disease. Explore these Facts About The Black Death mentioned below!

Due to the massive destruction (in both Europe and the rest of worldwide), it was believed that the Black Plague was one of the most significant and influential instances in the history of the world.

Below are some facts regarding the horrifying pestilence that destroyed the human population.

Facts About The Black Death

Three Years of HellIt’s difficult to pinpoint the exact date of the beginning and end of the disease; however it is known that the Black Death affected the globe between 1346 and 1353, and the most severe episodes occurred in the period between 1349-1351. The conclusion of the major epidemic was not the end of the Black Death, though. Over the next several centuries, especially in Europe, epidemics of bubonic plague became quite frequent.

According to estimates from certain historians, a massive spread of the disease took place across the continent approximately every ten years up to the 19th century.

1. Death Comes Sailing In…

It is possible to trace the exact moment when the disease first appeared in Europe in October 1347 12 Genoese trading vessels docked at Messina, the Italian port Messina, after traveling across the Black Sea. The people who greeted the ships discovered the crew dead or dying, covered in boils and fevers that were high. The ships were ordered immediately to be evacuated from the harbor, but it was too late.

It was the Black Death that had arrived.

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2. What’s in a Name?

The Black Death got its name because of the pus-black, black, and blood-saturated boils covering the victim’s bodies.

For its time, it was also referred to by the name “The Pestilence” or “The Great Mortality.”

3. If Only They’d Known

For a long time, the root cause of The Black Death was unknown, which made it more frightening. A myriad of theories spread… nearly as rapidly as the disease itself. It’s not surprising. If you think about it, what would you think was taking place? Most people you know are now in a state of agony… And there’s no explanation as to why.

There is no basic knowledge of germs or how common colds can propagate. For those alive at the time, it was clear that the Black Death was an absolute mystery. Nowadays, however, we can confirm that it was, in fact, an outbreak of bubonic plague. It was brought on by a bacterium dubbed Yersinia pestis, which spread through the transmission of fleas by rodents and rats that were infected.

4. The Body Count

Estimates on the exact number of people murdered by people killed in the Black Death vary, but experts believe that it killed between 75-200 million people during its initial five years. Experts have suggested that people killed comprised 30 to 60 percent of the total people of Europe. This level of destruction is difficult to comprehend.

The towns were struck with such force that they had to be in ruins. They remained unoccupied for many years in fear of contamination. All over Europe, these once vibrant settlements were unguarded, uninhabited… in a state of ghostly warnings of the plague’s destructive force.

It will take about 150 or more years before the continent can rebuild its population at the final point.

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5. Global Pandemic

The Black Plague is usually associated with Europe However. It also killed about half the people from China and one-eighth of people living in Africa.

It was a truly global event, comparable in size to World Wars, regarding the number of affected people.

6. Wiped Out

In the absence of treatment, Bubonic plague can kill 30 to 80 percent of those who come into contact with it.

It is now treated with antibiotics. However, the people during the Middle Ages had no such alternative. Their only choice was to be patient and hope, hoping that the pathogen responsible for their death would leave the patients healthy…

7. Island of Death

Patients suffering from Black Death in Italy were transferred to the Italian island Poveglia to stop the spread of the disease. This is why a lot of Italians were killed on the island. There is a rumor that up to the present, 50 percent of the soil of Italy is composed of human ashes.

8. Back Where it All Began.

The Black Death is over 2,000 years old, and it was started in China. By studying gene sequences, scientists have discovered that the disease was spread to the rest of the world by way of fleas which populated the rats who hid in trade vessels.

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9. Symptoms

Apart from those with boils, disease brought on chills, fever, vomiting, and inexplicably diarrhea. Patients also suffered from chronic pains and aches, and deaths usually occurred in the first two or seven days after the infection.

10. Halted Construction

As more than half the inhabitants of Sienna, the Italian town of Sienna, were afflicted by the disease, the cathedral, one of the largest in the world at the time, was put on hold. The construction never resumed, and it is still possible to see the walls surrounding the cathedral, which was never completed, located in Sienna.

It’s difficult to commit to something that can last a lifetime as death is everywhere.

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11. Weapon of Mass Destruction

In 1345-46, right before the plague outbreak hit Europe, Mongol hordes were affected by the disease when they occupied the city of Kaffa. With their numbers declining as they dwindled, their numbers dwindled, and the Mongols began to throw the corpses of those who died of the plague into the walls of the city to make the dead bodies plague-carrying mass destruction agents.

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